Declared as one of the architectural spectacles

Declared beneath is the listing of most popular temples in India spotted across various lands of this country. Arouse the religious part of you by visiting the Indian temples.

Siddhivinayak Temple:

One of most popular temple situated in Maharashtra is lord Ganesha’s Siddhivinayak temple. It is a Hindu temple devoted to lord Ganesh. It is placed in Mumbai.

This temple is very famous among the populace as it is a faith spread about this temple that lord Ganesha sitting in this temple fulfills the wish of his devotees.

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The Konark Sun Temple:

This temple is the main attraction of tourists coming from all over the world to visit India. The mainly distinguished spectacle of Odisha sculpture is the splendid Sun Temple of Konark. The temple was constructed with the aim to preserve the icon of Sun. The wonderful Sun temple is existing memorial of Odisha’s splendid history. It is considered as the mountain of skill and style in the primeval Kalinga age.

This temple is counted in the top list of temples in India.

Thanjavur Temple:

What is good example of olden art? Well, it’s a Thanjavur temple in India. Thanjavur temple is a wonderful place in of South India; this place was the imperial city of the Cholas, Nayaks and the Marathas.

This temple is identified as one of the architectural spectacles of the world. This temple gets visited by all Indians. It is well-known for its delicate handiworks, figurines and especially south Indian melodious instruments; it is also illustrious for its distinguishing fine art mode.

Somnath Temple:

This temple is one of most beautiful temples in India.

The Somnath temple is placed in Gujarat. It is seized in immense veneration all over India. This temple is well thought-out to be one of the openings of the 12 Jyotirlingas of the Lord Shiva.This temple is well known for its structure. In front of the large open Arabian Sea, Somnath temple is an outstanding formation that presents a dazzling scene. According to old novels, this temple was constructed by the Moon God at the time of formation. Somraj is a moon God; he assembled this temple.

It was reconstructed by Ravana in silver. Yet again Lord Krishna, the embodiment of Lord Vishnu constructed it in timber. Again in the middle of 10th century it was reconstructed in marble by King Bhimdev Solanki. Every Indian gets pleasure to visit this temple.

Sanchi Stupas:

This is one of the famous temples in India. The way in which this temple is designed is awesome. Sanchi Stupas magnetize and stir up people all over the world.

It is a set for stupas and props. This temple is acknowledged to be one of the best examples of old standard art. The gateways are carefully fixed and abide descriptions from the existence of Lord Buddha and Emperor Asoka. There is one ancient story related to this temple. The imagery engraved on the props and the Stupas enlighten inspiring stories from the existence of Lord Buddha.

Golden Temple:

Have you ever seen any temple completely made up of gold? If not then just give visit to Golden temple.

The Golden Temple is situated in Amritsar. It has an exclusive quality. The prayers need to walk down to present their respect contrasting other temples where the prayers need to go up to present their salute.

The design of this temple is considered as the essence of handiness and ingenuity. This temple is very sacred by several means. In addition it symbolizes an exceptional synchronization among the Muslims and Hindus.

Meenakshi Temple:

If you create a list of top beautiful temples in India then this temple can surely takes one place in that list.

The Meenakshi Sundereshwar temple is placed in the antique divine city of Madurai and is devoted to Lord Shiva in the appearance of Sundereshwar along with Goddess Parvati in the appearance of Meenakshi. The overall structure of this temple is cleverly designed. The temple intricate houses 14 wonderful Gopurams which comprise two foremost Gopurams for the most important Gods which are marvelously and richly carved and decorated. Image


Mahabodhi Temple:

Have you heard about the exertion of beauty at any place? The Mahabodhi Temple accurately signifies these words saying immense stirring temple. This temple is a Buddhist temple placed in Bodh Gaya, the place where Siddhartha Gautama achieved illumination. This story gives the temple an ancient background. The temple’s central artifact is a far-away offspring of the Bo tree below which Buddha took a seat.

Venkataswara Tirupati Balaji Temple:

The world’s richest God is Tirupati Balaji. This God is called as richest God by several means. Venkateswara temple is a Hindu temple placed in Tirumala, next to Thirupati, India.

This temple is the supposedly the richest and mainly tripped place of devotion in the world. This temple is most popular for the strictness and cleanness. This temple is dedicated to Lord Venkateswara. All Indians visit this place along with family.

Kashi Vshwanath Temple:

Kashi Vishwanath Temple is highly popular Hindu temple devoted to Lord Shiva. It is said that if you give visit to this temple with any wish in mind then Lord Shiva fulfills that wish for you.

The temple is situated on the western store of the sacred river Ganga. The God is famous by the given name Vishwanatha. This temple is a good example of beauty. The temple township is the oldest existing town in the world. The temple has been dissembled and reconstructed numeral of times.

These are the most popular top ten temples in India. Visitors locate these temples not only for tripping purpose but for taking experience of beauty.


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