10. divorce rates compared to other countries. Allowing


IT WILL DECREASE THE DIVORCE RATE.More than 50% of married couples in America get divorced. Studies show that the US has one of the highest divorce rates compared to other countries. Allowing gays the opportunity to get married will increase marriage rates because less couples will get divorced due to incompatibility or infertility. Legalizing gay marriage will decrease divorce rate because it cannot get any worse than it is right now.

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9. NO EFFECT ON THE HETEROSEXUAL COMMUNITY.Gay Marriage will have no impact whatsoever on heterosexual communities, just as racial integration in the 60’s had no negative impact on white communities. This is the same concept with legalization of gay marriage, it will grant the LGBT community a right that has been immorally denied to them.8. SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE.

One of the major reasons that gay marriage is currently illegal is due to the religious interpretation that ” homosexual are sinners.” Such a religious perspective should have no place in federal, legal matters in the US. We live a secular society that maintains secular views. The Ten Commandments do not define our legal system, so why does the religious argument “marriage is the union between a man and a women” keep so many gay couples from becoming legally married? Legalizing gay marriage will have no negative impact on religion and/ or the religious view of others, just as religion should not have any impact on the issue of gay marriage.7. IT’S AN ISSUE OF EQUAL RIGHTS.

In the 50’s, interracial marriage was illegal. But now, modern society understands this to be an unjust law that denied equal rights to couples who loved each other. The issue of gay marriage is no different. Denying marriage to two individuals who love each other is to deny them a fundamental freedom.6. GAY MARRIAGE IS ALREADY A REALITY.

In New York, thousands of gay couples have already gotten married. Manhattan is expecting $9 million revenue during the first year that marriage was legalized. Sure, the economic boost is a plus.

.but the reality is that millions of gay partners already practice monogamous. loving relationships in the United States. The trouble is that they are not legally protected as married couples, even though their lifestyle mimics marriage! Gays already practice marriage in their homes, so whats wrong with granting the LGBT community the rights they deserve?5. BECAUSE CIVIL UNIONS ARE NOT THE SAME.Gay couples are legally allowed to enter into civil union partnership.. but this is not nearly the same thing as marriage.

Marriage licenses grant innumerable rights to married couples, rights that are not endowed to gay couples in civil unions. It is no excuse to deem that gay marriage is not necessary because “they already have civil unions..

.why do they want more?” The financial, medical, and social rights that are associated with marriage are unfortunately kept away from homosexual couples.4. IT WILL DIMINISH YOUTH SUICIDE.

One of the main reasons why teenagers are commit suicide are due to the child being bullied at their school as a result of his/her sexual orientation. The same acceptance that will come about due to legalizing gay marriage will show teens that homosexuality is accepted and respected in society. We need to explain to younger generations that being different is not a social disability, so that they will never feel the need to take their own lives because they are gay.3. HOSPITAL VISITATION & MEDICAL RIGHTS.

Its hard to believe that in an era of imaginable technological advancements, sexuality-based discrimination still exists. Hospitals cannot legally allow gay partners to receive medical information about their condition without a blood relative present. Legalizing gay marriage will allow gay couples hospital visitation rights and respect the validity of their marriage by letting them make medical decisions on behalf of their spouses.2. FOSTER SOCIETAL ACCEPTANCE OF GAY COUPLES AND GAY INDIVIDUALS.

Legalizing gay marriage will help establish a social norm that includes and respects homosexual lifestyles. Couples as well as individuals in the LGBT community will seem less “different” from heterosexual lifestyle, so straight couples and individuals will be more inclined to accept homosexual couples into their communities.1. INCREASE AMOUNT OF CHILDREN SUCCESSFULLY ADOPTED.Most adoption agencies discriminate against gay couples and make it incredibly difficult for them to adopt children. Many agencies will only release children to “married” couples, therefore rejecting stable, loving, homosexual parents.

By legalizing gay marriage in ALL states, adoption agencies will be forced to grant the same respect and right to homosexual couples. Gay marriage will increase the chances for thousands of foster children to gain loving parents and families.Reply


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