1) out of the box approach to overcome

1) Academic preparation – The student has necessary foundation and is academically prepared to pursue graduate studies. Throughout his time at our university he has taken advantage of all the opportunities available. He had a challenging curriculum and  chosen one of the most demanding courses available at our university. He has worked hard and made himself adept at various subjects like algorithms, data structures, operating system, computer architecture etc.2) Industriousness and persistence – Mr.

Khandelwal is a determined and diligent student. He works extremely hard and has a never say die attitude. He had completed a project under my guidance where he faced several difficulties and he overcame all of them with his resolute personality.3) Intellectual capability – The intellectual capability of the student is top notch. He displays impressive logical thinking and analytical abilities to understand the intricate details of computer science.

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Evidence of this has been found in his strong academic performance. He is one of the batch toppers and has performed consistently well in his exams, labs, assignments and presentations.4) Interpersonal and communication skills – Mr. Khandelwal expresses his thoughts and ideas very clearly. He communicates well and is open to a discussion and listens to other’s point of views. This makes him a very good team member. He likes to take feedback and also give valuable inputs thereby contributing to his interpersonal and communication skills.

5) Originality – The student works with a lot of integrity and comes up with original ideas to solve a problem. In the project he did under my guidance he came with an out of the box approach to overcome the hindrance which was unique and creative.6) Skill at research – He likes to dig deep and always take initiative, which is crucial for research. He enjoys going deep into topics to understand them better. Combining this with his problem solving ability and critical thinking I firmly believe in his skills in research.7) Teaching ability – The student has conducted workshops as part of our technical fest “InfoX”.

The workshops were for students who were junior to Mr. Khandelwal. He taught programming fundamentals, algorithms and Qt framework.8) All round ability – Mr Khandelwal displays all-round abilities, whether it is academic or extra curricular. He has done well academically and was also part of our department’s football team which finished runners up.

He is a well rounded individual. 9) Understanding lectures conducted in English – Mr. Khandelwal is more than competent to understand lectures in English. Most of the lectures are conducted in English in our university.10) Express him/her in writing – He has the ability to clearly communicate his thoughts in writing in English which is clearly evident in his exam scripts and assignments.


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