1. we have, we know that the


The Path is vertical and is hit with high velo2. We also know that the velo of 100 mph or 49.21 m/s. Also the max velo  recorded of a baseball hitting off a bat is around 100 miles per hour which is about 49.00 meters per second.3. The ball is made with contact  at a 60 degrees .

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So if player increases the angle, it will increase the height of the ball but it will decrease the horizontal distance from the home plate.4.  The ball is made at contact from a height of 2 m. 5. This will include ignoring  the wind or any other outside elements that may cause the path of the ball to change This is the breakdown of the initial velocity into horizontal velocity and vertical velocity. So from what we have we have, we know that the acceleration of the gravity is -9.81m/s/s.

The vertical velocity as the ball is being  hit towards the ground is going to be a similar velocity but a different sign of the original vertical velocity. These facts can be determine by the full amount of  time that the ball will travel on the field. Since the pathway is known to be parabolic, the max height is about half the time of the full amount of time.

TimeT= the speed of the velocity which takes the ball 7.09 mph to go over the right side. From the actual velocities, the time when the height is at its max and acceleration from the gravity, we can find out that the max height of the path .7.

09 x 2 would be 3.056. So T =0.20s and the baseball has the velocity of 7.32m/s,and also 6.27m/s.

And at T = 1.3s the baseballs velocity is 7.35m/s,L2.

94m/s.Now you have to find the magnitude and also the direction of!the average  vector and solution. Then you are shown 7.35m/s, vx = 6.

87m/s, vy7.39m/s, and vy =2.92m/s Now we Find: a =  x and y.Find the components of the velocity, acceleration, and mph of the baseball. yx = ? v ? y= vx ? vox ? t = 7.

31? 7.35 1 ? ax = 3 !and ay = ? xy ? v = vx ? vx ? t = ?2.24 ? 6.

56 2 ? ay = ?6.80 m s 2 . The problem has no acceleration so a = ?5.8 m s and direction going down is ?=L80?. So now we know that the ball is hit and moving horizontally which means it is following the rule of physics at a certain speed of velocity.Answersy  is = -0.0071 (27.54 – 126.09) 2 + 81.62$ secondsx is = 48.94 meter approximately 173 feet


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