1. in Vietnam. Although this issue only


School violence is one of the major
problems because it has increase dramatically in many countries including in Vietnam.
Although this issue only happens in a specific locality newspapers in the past,
news about school violence is now appearing in Vietnam’s media at an increase
frequency and intensity, and attracting general public. There is no general
definition of school violence, however Olweus (1999) defines it as “aggressive behavior
where the actor or perpetrator uses his or her own body or an object (including
a weapon) to inflict (relatively serious) injury or discomfort upon another
individual” . In common, school violence is really serious problem. Therefore,
this research will discuss violent situation in Vietnam, analyze the causes,
show the consequences as well as give solutions to solve this issue.

Discussion of findings


Undoubtedly, school violence is
rising highly in Vietnam. Since 2003, 8,000 cases of student’s fights had been
reported by 38 local education departments and 96.7% of Vietnamese students had
witnessed violence of school (Ministry of Education). Moreover, according to
statistics from the hotline of the Agence for Child Care and Protection,
“violence in school in 2012 increase by 13 times compared to 10 years ago”,
retrieved from: http://english.vietnamnet.vn/fms/education/78023/school-violence-rises-highly-in-vietnam.html . There are also thousands of
school-violent video posted everyday on the Internet. It occurred at many
different ages and become more and more frightful. These evidences really alarm
an ugly situation at school in Vietnam.

It is noticeable that violence school has increased rapidly
in quantity, range, serious level. It happens not only in male but also in
female. Through a survey conducted in 2008 by Hoang Ba Thinh, Director of the
Centre for Population Studies and Social Work at the University of Social
Sciences and Humanities that be done in two schools in the Dong Da district of
Ha Noi among 200 students aged between 15 and 18 years old. A total of 80% of
respondents stated that fighting among girls occur in their school. Especially,
school violence also happens by corporal punishment of teachers. According to a
study conducted in 2005(Save the Children Sweden 2006), 93% of children had
suffered physical punishment including “beating by hand, or using a cane, rod,
or any other instrument (…), knocking a child’s head, hitting the buttocks,
slapping the things, or depriving a child of food” (United Nations Children’s
Fund Vietnam, 2006), and emotional abuse which because of covered verbal and
humiliating acts. An online newspaper from 2011 (retrieved from: https://vnexpress.net/tin-tuc/giao-duc/17-nu-sinh-bi-phat-nam-len-ban-de-co-giao-danh-2210644.htm) gives an example of violence by
teacher: girls were beaten by their teacher because these students did not
behave well during the first lesson, and also because of their attitude in
learning. Then after teacher’s hand started hurting, the class representative
beat others students.

Real situation of school violence is becoming more and more complex. It
can    occur inside and outside the
classroom, around schools, on the way to and from schools, as well as online.
In schools, it often happens in places such as toilets, changing rooms,
corridors and playgrounds where children are less easily be seen or supervised
by their teachers and other school staff. This figures above reveal that school
violence in Vietnam is more and more serious.


To solve this problem effectively,
first of all, this research will find out exactly what the causes are. It may
be countless, but we can classify them into three main categories including
social media violence, environmental school, and family risk factors.

On the first side: social media
violence, many experts, parents, critics have blamed media for causing school
violence,  it is a “part  of youths culture” (retrieved from: http://chuawritingmienphi.com/index.php/4391/violence-in-schools-causes-and-solutions). It is true because since the
1990s, the social media have grown to play significant in youth people, however
violent internet also has increased in popularity as cyber technology becomes
more sophisticated. Television programs and action films with shooting and
killing scenes are appeared so many times that makes children thinks it as a
very formal thing. For instance, a Vietnamese film which was shown in Tet
holiday of 2011 had the name “School ghost”, this film had lots of aggressive
scene, even a scene in which female students attacked and ripped other
student’s shirts. This explained why children who view those are tend to
imitate them.

Secondly, schools or educational
environments also play a crucial part in effect school violence because the
period of time which you spend school each day is quite long so the no
communication is impossible. Schools are the places where children are taught
the right things in life, but the life of children now has never been easy.
Young people had to solve pressure of school, extracurricular demands, conflict
with their peer’s school. Another case is if the teachers do not teach well and
rail students. This will create bad environment for children.

Last but not least is that family
factors. Although everyone expect the family to deal with childhood problems,
contemporary society make it difficult for parent to meet all their children
need: “today’s kids(…) grow up with parents abuse drugs, get arrested, go to
prison, disappear, fail to maintain stable families” (Michale Males, professor
at University of California). This will built history of family crime and
violence, lack of expectation and monitoring by parents which may cause violent
condition at children.


School violence has physical,
emotional and social impact on children.

To students themselves, both victims
and people who cause will have bad influence. Victims can be injured slightly,
seriously and even lead to death. 

For example, through article with
title “School violence places students in fear” have shown about one story between
girls student:

“On January 18, Hoa, the
student, asked Hien, a classmate, to meet outside the school after   the school hours. When the two were in
quarrel, Nguyen Thi Ha, an 11th grader, came and tried to dissuade them from
fighting each other. Hoa then stabbed Ha with a knife, and then stabled Hien as
well. Ha died at hospital later, while Hien was seriously injured.”

Emotionally, victims of violence feel bored,
worried, lonely, and depressed. It lasts for a long time leading to unable to
concentrate on victim’s schoolwork. Children may avoid communicating with other
students to avoid violent confrontations, which can be detrimental to social
skills and human interaction. This also happen in culprit, moreover they must
be responsible for what they have done depending on the serious level of
violence they cause: be dismissed from school or go to prison which predicts
optimistic future.

Furthermore, students who see violent scene
are affected absolutely. They will fell unsafe and fear being at school,
significantly disrupting the learning process when studying in an environment
like that: ” They may miss classes, avoid school activities, play truant or
drop out of school altogether” (Nguyen Thi Thu Hang and Tran Ngo Thi Minh Tam,

The school climate as a whole is affected by
violence. The presence of a high amount of violence is bad for the school’s
reputation, which meant that violent behaviors of students weaken school
discipline, breakdown school rules. Therefore, parents will try to remove their
children from school having unsafe learning environment: “Our children have the
right to study in a safe academic environment”, the share of Tran Van Tam, a
father who has a daughter studying at the University of Business and
Technology. Retrieved from: http://english.vietnamnet.vn/fms/education/57633/school-violence-places-students-in-fear.html

This will reduce quality of education for
all students as well as decrease the number of student in that school. Fewer students
mean less funding for school, which means this school will be unable to provide
the best education.


Like evidences this research mentioned
above, causes of violence among students vary greatly, so the most important
method to reduce violence is that should be improved children’s skills such as
“emotional self-awareness and control; positive social skills; problem solving,
conflict resolution, and teamwork” (http://www.vov.com/issues/preventing-school-violence)  and raised their awareness about the impacts
of this issue. First of all, at home, parents have to become good models,
refraining from violence themselves and solving these problems peacefully. It
is also important to establish closer communication between parents and school.
These solution aim to encourage nonviolent attitude and behavior in children to
prevent violence before it occurs. In addition, it also helps to change attitudes
and behaviors in students who have already become violent or are at risk of
harming themselves. This will built up a safe environment for all students.

Government should create new laws and
regulation to protect children be affected by school violence. It is the fact
that although there is no specific regulation on school violence, the first and
the most significant legal document relevant to school violence is the law on
Child Protection, Care and Education, no.25/2005/QH11, issued in 2004, which
clearly state that: “The family, state, and society have the responsibility to
protect a child’s life, body, and honor”


To sum up, all forms of violence in schools
interfered with basic quality of education which damaged much not only the educational
system but also the future of Vietnam. Sadly, there are many causes of this
issue, so Vietnam’s government and whole society cannot solve it completely. However,
when each person extends a help reduce violence, everything will be better,
because to stop this problem is not a week, a month, or a year task, it is a
process from generation to others












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