1. build the harmony among the team


What are the personalcompetencies (according to Project Management Competency Framework) that Jackdisplayed in the case? Highlight how the competencies identified helped him tobe successful.  Personal competencies, accordingto (PMCD) Framework, the personal competencies that project managers shouldhave include Leading, Managing, Effectiveness, Professionalism, CognitiveAbility and Communicating. Cartwright, M. (2007). Build on our case Jack was thenew project manager assigned for the Customer Master File project, Jack was anexperienced project manager and business leader, during the project Jack gavean example of the good project manager and leader, he has the following personal competencies within him:§  Managing: inmanaging competency the project manager should be able to manage and maintainhis team and that is what Jack did when he co-locates the team member for theproject and tried to build the harmony among the team members. Also, when heconducted several interviews to find out the problem and solve it, we could seehis managing skills in term of resolving issues related to project team whenJack find out that the IT architects are disagreed with the direction of theproject he just hired IT architects on full time basis in order to come overthis issue. Jack planned and managed the project in organized manner. He hadthis competency within him as he is experienced in the management field and wasa manger and project manager for long.

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Thus, that is what managing competencyin the project manager means and it really helped him to turn around theproject to success.§  Effectiveness : project managershould be an effective in his tasks, he should be able to resolve problem ofthe project, made the necessary change that required in the project to meetwith its goals and objectives. Also, to involve the stakeholder in each andevery aspect of the project. In the case Jack showed this competency in manypart of the project, he showed that when he asked the director Brandon to beinvolved and be more often visible and active in making decision in theproject. Additionally, Jack made the required changes in the project in orderto lead the project towards success when he started the project with new welldefined scope and new budget and get the consensus buy in. Therefore hiseffectiveness competency was there and led the project to successes.§  Leading : effective project managershould be able to lead people and has the ability leadership. Also, the leadingcompetency require the project manager to be able to create an environment forthe team to promote high performances, Jack did that when he assign number ofthe project team to full time base and co locate them.

He also mentors andmotivate the team we could see that in case of Sharon who was going to quit andafter the project she was very happy. Additionally, Jack take the responsibilityto delivers the project.  Jack was anexperienced leader and project manager, he showed his ability to take the leadand lead the team and show them how to do the work. Therefore, we can say thatJack had the project manager leading competency and led the project team todeliver the project towards success.§  Cognitive Ability: The projectmanager should be able to have good and holistic view of the project andeffectively resolve problems involve in the project. In our case Jack had aholistic view of the project, once he took over the project lead, directly Jackstart to find out the aspects of the project, learning more about it and thechallenges that the project was facing, after that he started conductinginterviews with major stakeholder involved in the Customer Master File project to be fully aware of all project aspects.

Also,when he came back to Brandon after finding out the problem with the project,Jack provided how he can resolve these problems. Therefore, his cognitiveability played critical role in project success.§  Communication competency: theproject manager must be able to communicate and having good communicationskills as it plays critical role in project management, it is one of thesuccess factor in every project. A good communication can help the projectmanager to develop better understanding of the case. Without communicationamong the project stakeholder it would be impossible to meetthe project objectives. Communicating competency is about actively listen andunderstand and respond.

In our case Jack really showed his communicating skillsfrom the earliest part of the project, he conducted several interviews with keystakeholder and project team. From these interviews, hefound out the issues to be solved that is what shows how effective and qualityof his communication skills. Also. Jack was inline communication with Brandonall the time giving him his opinion and showing his what he found and whatcould be done these were effectively exchange of information. Additionally, hecommunicated with the project member and actively listen to them we could seethat when the IT architects were disagreed with the project and bycommunicating with them he found why there were disagreed and convert that andsolve it. Thus, every project manager must have the communication competencywithin him as it could lead the project in either ways success or fail. In ourcase due to his high communication skills he led the project to be successful.

All these competencies helped Jack to drive theproject toward success, once he had these competencies within him, he couldknow what to do and how to do it in order to turn around the old project to newsuccessful project which what happened in our case 6 months later the Customer MasterFile project sounded success.2. What is the difference between”stopping the old project to start the project afresh with a well-defined scope”and “continuing with the project while making the necessary scope changesrequired”? Compare and identify which would be the better approach. Stoppingold project and starting new one, project managers do that when the project isgoing to fail due to over budget run or schedule over time. It is better tostart from the beginning as it is the way to defined new scope, make properplan and create a chart for the project.

The chances of success are higher whenwe start new project with well-defined scope, schedule and even new teammembers, as the project manager can go through the old project and find out themistakes and problems that were in the old one. Also, project manager can learnfrom old project and how he could avoid these mistakes in the new one in orderto make sure that the new one would be successful. Moreover, the projectmanager can build new team for the project were these might be better than theprevious team members and he can choose them and allocate them according to theneed of the project. In our case it was the better to start the project fromthe scratch as the old one was over budget and behind the schedule and thatwhat made the new project manager redo the project from the starting point.

Continuing theold project with making the changes required in the project is not always the best-casedue to that the old project would be already behind the schedule and the budgetis over run, also that might be because of project team member are notfunctional well event there might be lack of executive directors’ involvement.When the project is behind the schedule and over budgeting that means it isgoing to fail and there are some problems in scoping and planning part, that isnot what any project manager or any company wants to end up with. They alwaysprefer to start new as it would have higher chance to success. Additionally,the risk in continuing the old project is higher and if continued there willmore expenses and the project manager would require more budget or time.In our case the best choice is to start a newproject with well-defined plan and scope rather than continuing the old projectwith making the necessary changes. As the project manager would consider theold project and find out the problem that led the old one to be in the failurestage. There are many advantages in starting new project such as the projectmanager can relocate the team by assign the right people, learn from the oldproject and have more control over by making things clear from the beginning,which makes the chance of success higher. To be noted not all project can startover and do new scope and plans for example in infrastructure or buildingprojects the continuing might be better even if it is behind the schedule andover budget.

3. What does “consensus buy-in onthe new scope” mean? Who would be included in the “consensus”? Why is thisimportant? Explain where and how this scope would be documented and used.  Consensus means that the all the people involved in the project musthave agreement about the project aspect and make the decisions according tothat. Also, it is the process of evaluating, analyzing and synthesizing thefactors on the project. It is the approach whereby the entire stakeholder ofthe project come to one agreement, putting the ideas of all of them to come upwith the final decision accepted by all of them. Moreover, it means that allpeople involved in the project has to buy in the decision.

Consensus oftenrequire the compromise the lose-win case or win-lose case, not everyoneinvolved can get what he wants out of the final decisions (Haner, 2017).buy in means the all parties or stakeholder inthe project needs to be involved in the project or scope decision makingprocesses in order to get the consensus. In other words, agree on the projectand make the decision related to the project together.

Buy in gives anopportunity to get new ideas and opinions, also it helps to align the businessstrategies with the needs of all stakeholder. Therefore, the idea of consensusbuy in new scope means that everyone can be a part of the project byunderstanding and coming up with best choice in order for the project tosuccess. Also, it is important due to that all parties of the project areinvolved they bring in the agreement and agree on the new scope. And it leads tomore effective final decision (Smallbusiness.chron.com, 2017).

The scope normally documented in the projectchart and in the meeting reports.In Consensus, there are several peopleinvolved in it, they are they Stakeholder internal or external stakeholder. Accordingto (Opentextbc.

ca, 2017) the people who actively involved in the processes ofthe project and the one who can affect the project from any side or the one whohave the say in the project they are the stakeholders. The following list arethe people who involved in consensus:·        Board of directors ·        Executive directors (top management)·        Project manager ·        Project teams (legal department, marketing, ITdepartment, etc)·        Peers·        Resource Manger·        Suppliers or Venders and Subcontractor·        Customers·        Government4. The project encountered a “lack of executive sponsorship”.Who did Jack secure as the executive sponsor? Highlight the difference thiswould make to the project and why this is important. Executive sponsorship are thepeople in high level of responsibility on the project success, normally formthe top management they are the responsible of making decisions related to theproject. Lack of the executive sponsorship is considered as a big problem inthe project. The project has to have someone in power to give more control overthe project and for everyone involved in the project to be aware and take itserious.In our case the old projectwas lack of the executive sponsorship that is why there were another agenda forsome of the project team, there was not anyone to stop that, we could see thatin the case of the marketing guy Steve where he was manipulate the project tohis own political agenda.

Also in the case of the IT architects they had anissue with the part time base on the project and there was not anyone who cansee the situation and find out a solution for their problem and even there wasnot a good control over the project.When Jack took over theproject he knew from the interview he conducted that there were lack ofexecutive sponsorship and directly considers this aspect and asked Brandon to apart of the project to cover the lack of the executive sponsorship. Brandon wasin the position of power in the company where he could make many changes andwas the boss of Jack, he had been in the company for 20 years which means thatBrandon is experienced leader and know the company very well. It is really important to havethe executive sponsorship in the project, it give more control over the projectand because they are the decision maker where the can give decision and makechanges required. Also, the executive sponsorship makes the project team moreresponsible and the project team would deliver more efficiency on their tasksas they want to show their ability to the top management.

5. What is the difference between having the IT architects ona full time basis compared to just being consulted on the project? Analyse andhighlight the advantages and disadvantages of this 2 form of resources.  The difference between havingworker on full time basis and just being consulted on the project. Full timebasis are hired for ongoing work or project, they works for the one companyneeds and the work under a director or manager and take order from him. Theworker on full time basis are very willing to do their job as they are part ofthe company and they hold the company name if it is successful company or justfailure company. The loyal workers always take the responsibility of theirtasks more than if they just being consulted. When you are having full timebasis worker you can have the say on what to be done and they have to do whattasks they were told to do.

Which means they will be more into the job. Fulltime basis workers will spend the working hours doing their job and puttingmore effort in the work. However, full time workersdevelop relationships among the other which lead to more collaborative and teamwork in the company, working as a team is important to every company as thatconsider as success factor in the working environment. On the other hand,hiring full time basis for one project sometime is not the best choice, it couldbe disadvantages as it brings extra cost for the project and bring new peoplewho would take long to get into the company culture and would require training.Consultants is specializedpeople in their field, they provide support and advices. They normally hired todo specific tasks where they give advices and apply expertise knowledge intheir area. Consultants normally hired for specific durations. They depend on acontract that they made with other companies, they work independently.

Forexample, in construction project they consult IT specialized to do some tasksin the project but their job finish once they done their tasks.  In some scenarios having consultant hired forthe company can be beneficial in term of cost added and training providing.Also, they do not need to be a part of the company and go through all processesof hiring new people and fir them after the project done. On the other hand,when you have consultant, you cannot have control over them and they can dotheir work without getting back to you and at the same they do not the company wherethey would not have the ability to communicate with other team member which isvery important in order for the project to success. Also, they do not have thepower of making decision which consider as disadvantages. But in our case the consultantIT architects were not doing their job properly due to lack of communicationwhich led them to disagree with some aspect of the project.

As a result of thatJack hired full time basis architects in the project to ensure the project run smoothby involving all of them in the consensus buy in.   6. How did Jack resolve the issue of manipulation by astakeholder from another department? Critically analyse the differentapproaches to tackling this issue and comment if the Jack’s approach isappropriate.  Manipulation is an artificialact of deflating or inflating the project to influence the behavior forpersonal gain. it is illegal in every case. The manipulation is normally doneby a stakeholder in the project trying to gain something out of that project itmight be any gain maybe political gain such as in our case or could befinancial gain in other cases. According to Bryson,J.

M., (2004) “any group or individual who can affect or is affected bythe achievement of the organization’s objectives”.In our case Jack find out thatthere is a project stakeholder trying to manipulate the project for his ownpolitical gain. That stakeholder was Steve from the marketing department, Jackdirectly resolve that by informing to one of the executive director who is inposition of power at the higher level in the management Brendon, Jack asked himto have heart to heart talk with the manipulator Steve or if that is not workableto inform Steve director who would be able to resolve the manipulating in theproject and get it out from the project, in order to make the changes andturnaround the project toward success. However, Jack could have talked to Steveand communicate and listen to him before that but he did not, if Jack talked toSteve he might resolve the issue without involving the top management and causesome issue among them.The approach that Jack used isnot always the best as it could result in creating some personal issue amongthe project team between (Jack and Steve) which might cause a lot of problem inthe future.

But as Jack was new in the company and he needed to turnaround theproject by making the necessary changes, one of these changes is to end themanipulation. Therefore, in my view by taking into the account the stage thatthe project were in, it is the best to inform the top management and let themresolve it, that what Jack did. He informed Brendon and ask him to talk toSteve and get the manipulation issue done.                           


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