1- The kiss after the marriage ceremony

1- The kiss after the marriage ceremony came to us from Ancient Rome.2- In ancient Rome, rich people instead of using napkins and towels during the feast wiped their hands on the heads of curly children.3- After the death of the emperor, the eagle was released to take the soul to heaven.

4- Ancient Romans were the first to make toilets.5- The Colosseum was the largest arena and hosted more than 200,000 spectators.6- Julius Caesar introduced the leap year.7- Saturnalia – a big annual festival in ancient Rome in honor of the God of Saturn.8- About 40% of the ancient Roman population was slaves.9- Residents of ancient Rome were very fond of bloody spectacles, so bloody scenes could be seen not only in gladiatorial fights, but also in ordinary theaters10- The attitude towards medicine was the very serious in Ancient Rome, if the patient died during surgery, the doctor was cut off.11- In ancient Rome delicatessen prepared flamingo tongues.

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12- Emperor Caligula once declared war on Neptune (Sea God) and ordered to throw spears at sea. 13- In ancient Rome, there were their own dentists, and the Romans themselves were very concerned about the teeth.14- Rich Romans lived in large and luxurious mansions. Those wishing to get inside had to knock: either with a special ring or with a wooden beater.15- Until 117 AD. The Roman Empire was huge in its length, it included all the now known Italy, land near the Mediterranean Sea, a large European part, including the lands of modern Wales, England and Scotland.16- In Caesar’s time the problem of traffic jams in Rome was solved very simply, private vehicles were not allowed during the day.17- The occupation of prostitution in ancient Rome was considered completely normal and legal occupation.

18- Most of the inhabitants of the Roman Empire spoke Greek and its dialects, but if anyone wanted to learn Latin, they had to turn to colloquia.19- In ancient Rome, only boys were required to attend school.20- Majority of Roman emperors were Bisexuals.21- The spell “abracadabra”, familiar from childhood, came from Rome.

22- The father in ancient Rome was subordinated to girls who had not reached adulthood.23- The Romans took a bath every day, but did not use soap. Instead, they rubbed themselves with oils, and then scraped them off with dirt with the help of special scrapers . 24- The Romans invented concrete.25- In ancient Rome left-handers were considered unhappy.

26- The Romans used human urine to wash things .27- On average, people in ancient Rome lived only 20-30 years.28- In Rome, almost never slaves were used as a guard.29- In Rome, some women drank turpentine.30- The most common way on jewelry in Rome was a snake31- Salt in ancient Rome could be paid for the slaves.32- The favorite dish of the Romans was asparagus.

33- The Romans left their house always with their right foot.34- Girls in ancient Rome studied at home.35- The Roman Emperor Gaius Caligula made his horse a senator.36- In ancient Rome Salt was a sign of friendship.37- Roman women were not allowed on the street with uncovered head.38- One of the slaves married Roman emperor Nero.

39- In Rome, among women, dense, fused eyebrows were highly valued.40- Abortion and the use of contraception was the usual phenomenon in the Roman Empire.41- The serpent in Rome is a symbol of love and prosperity.42- The use of meat of woodpeckers was considered a sin in ancient Rome.

43- When Julius Caesar died, he left about $270 in today’s value for every Roman citizen.44- The Roman Pantheon which was built in 118 AD is still the largest unreinforced concrete dome in the world.45- In 753 BC. Rome was founded and his first king was Romulus. During his reign, Rome turned into a rich city that flourished for many years.

46- The first Roman university (La Sapienza) was founded in 1303 – the largest in Europe and the second largest in the world. 47- Purple was a symbol of high status. Therefore, only emperors or senators wore clothes of this color. 48- Romans used to call Christians atheists because they did not pay tribute to pagan gods.49- Since the end of the 1st century B.C. Roman emperors started the tradition of daily consuming a small amount of each known poison in an attempt to get immunity.

50- Elephant dung in ancient Rome was used as a contraceptive.51- Rome reached its largest territories during the reign of Emperor Trajan.52- After the fall of the Roman Empire, the technology to make concrete was lost for 1000 years.53- The world’s first shopping center was built in Rome; it was 5 story tall building with around 150 shops. 54- St. Peter’s Basilica in Vatican city is the largest church in the world.55- In ancient Rome, the man who took the oath put his hand to the scrotum as a sign of vow.

56- Romans used to drink the blood of gladiators because they thought that their blood can cure epilepsy.57- Ancient Romans used a sponge on a stick called a “spongia” to clean themselves after pooping.58- When the Romans returned from France and Germany with blonde slaves, some Roman women tried copying the look by dying their hair blond but it was not long lasting, so they using wig made from slave’s hair. 59- In ancient Rome, if a person wants ot commit suicide, then he/she has to apply to senate and if they allow then the person was given free hemlock.60- Roman Emperor Antoninus Pius (86 CE – 161 CE) had the most peaceful reign of any ruler in antiquity.

61- Ancient Roman women use to wear the sweat of Gladiators to improve their beauty and complexion.62- According to ancient beliefs of the Romans – aquiline nose is the sign of a true leader. 63- The population density of ancient Rome was 8 times higher than that of modern New York.

64- It took 12 years to build The Colosseum. 65- In modern Rome there is a unique museum called Museum of Pasta. It is 2 story building with 11 rooms.

66- On average, the ancient Romans weighed about 50 kilograms.67- The unique Roman clothing is the toga.68- In honor of the Roman Emperor Augustus, the month of August was named.69- The ancient Roman physicians had a wide choice of medical instruments.70- According to the social status of the audience, places were issued in the Roman Colosseum.


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