1.State be? This is the thesis statement or

1.State your complete topic. My topic is the Westminster Abbey of London. 2.

What will the focus of your project be? This is the thesis statement or main idea. Write a minimum of 4 sentences and be specific.     The well known Westminster Abbey of London had many important uses during the Medieval time period. It was a place of happiness and lightheartedness, sometimes recorded on tapestries in the dark halls of the Cathedral, as kings and queens like Henry I and his wife, Matilda of Scotland, received the holy Sacrament of Matrimony. But, although many delightful things happened, and warm memories were made at this Cathedral, mourning and grief also found themselves a home in the quiet and ominous place that is the cemetary. Sæberht of Essex, St Edward the Confessor and his wife, Edith of Wessex, Henry III of England, Edward I of England and his wife, Eleanor of Castile, and Edward III of England and his wife, Philippa of Hainault and more were buried in the marvelous grounds of the Church. While some events at the Westminster Abbey were tragic, and others exciting, this Cathedral has been a massive influence on European culture, and a great contribution to Medieval Europe’s history. 3.

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State two reasons why your topic is important in history. Consider short term and long term effects.My topic is important in history because it holds the tombs of seventeen monarchs and other remarkable people from Medieval Europe. Also, the Cathedral is home to many important historical artifacts such as paintings, stained glass windows, and tapestries. 4. Our focus is the Middle Ages.

How does your topic fit this theme? What is the importance of your topic? My topic fits this theme because it is involved in over one thousand years of history. Benedictine monks visited the site in the tenth century and established new daily routines, rituals, and other traditions. Also, the Westminster Abbey is the resting place of over 100 poets and other famous Europeans from the Medieval time period of Europe. My topic is important because it holds so much history in its paintings, windows, and other artifacts.


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