1.) Blood Glucose f. Cholesterol g. High

 1.)  The article “Increased Physical Activity toImproved Health-Related Quality of Life Among Employees Enrolled in a 12-WeekWorksite Wellness Program” waspublished in the Journal of the Academyof Nutrition and Dietetics in November of 2015. 2.

)    Macaluso, S., Marcus, A. F., Radler, D. R., Byham-Gray, L.,& Touger-Decker, R.

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(2015). Increased  Physical Activity Leads to Improved Health-Related Qualityof Life among Employees Enrolled in a 12 Week Worksite Wellness Program.Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, 115(9).doi:10.

1016/j.jand.2015.06.269 3.)  An abstract is a short introduction to theactual article. The purpose of an abstract is to the pull the reader in and getthem interested in the topic that will be given in the full text article. 4.

)  The purpose of this study was to find a healthyrelationship between physical activity levels and overall health-relatedquality of life of overweight and obese employees at Rutgers University. Thegoal was to improve health, diet, physical activity, and health-related qualityof life while decreasing chronic disease risk and overweight/obesity. Thisstudy intervened on the employees’ diet and physical activity as well asprovided educational classes. Employees underwent an extensive health screeningbefore the study began. Provided in the list below was all that was measured atbaseline, weeks 12, 26, 52, and 104.

 5.)  Items being measured;a.    Body Mass Index (BMI)b.    Physical Activity Levelsc.    Weightd.    Blood Pressuree.

    Fasting Blood Glucosef.     Cholesterolg.    High Density Lipoproteins (not healthy)h.    Health as reported by the participant.i.

     Limiting factors to physical activity.j.     Days reported as unhealthy by the participant;physical, mental, and accumulation.k.    Symptoms of a healthy day as reported byparticipant.

 6.)  The study was had both successes and failures. Forinstance, a failure was; when physical activity increased that accumulation ofunhealthy days decreased but this was not supported in the evidence. A successwas found in those with high blood pressure. Those with high blood pressurethat had increased their activity levels showed less unhealthy days overall.

Inthe big picture, I would deem this study a success because it did show positivecorrelation in the ways the increased physical activity can improve health.  


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