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1. Issues Dr Watt faces as an Athletic Director The first is that the men’s and women’s basketball teams are moving down from Division II to Division III next season. Besides that, few of the employees in the department have been employed by the university for more than two years and there are currently seven job openings that must be filled. One of it being the budget and finance manager of the department. He also learned from the president of the university that morale in the athletic department was tremendously low.2. Steps Dr Watt can take to fix said problems The first problem with the basketball teams should be handled by hiring proper coaches. A good basketball coach should possess, along with proper certification, the following attributes:Sportsmanship – Basic courtesy and good manners. Coaches should use their practices and games to reinforce these basic principles. They should make sure that their players can give a firm handshake with eye contact to officials and opposing coaches, as well as a high fives to opposing players.Teamwork – Coaches should teach their players that “we over me” is what most often leads to “us over them,” in team sports competition. They should encourage their players to be selfless and supportive teammates in both losing and winning efforts.Positive Attitude – Life is not fair and basketball is worse. Coaches must help their players get over it and still do what they need to do to succeed. Playing sports is one the best ways to practice overcoming and handling tough times in life. Humor helps.Respect – Pay it forward and get it back. The way a coach interacts with other adults, coaches, parents and officials will naturally influence the behavior of their players. They must remember that they are role models and are always being watched. They must insist that their players respect coaches, officials and opponents like they do, and the courage to enforce their rules with every player and parent involved with your team. (Fryer, 2014) The second and third problem with the seven job openings, including the opening for a budget and finance manager is to do with Human Resource Management. This is covered throughout this entire case study. For now, it is crucial that Dr Watt meets with, and hires Human Resource Experts/Entrepreneurs. The forth major problem Dr Bill Watt is faced with is the “incredibly low” morale of the Athletic department. These can be worked through by:1.  Planning Happy Hours and DinnersEveryone loves food and drinks, so team dinners are events that everyone will want to attend.  If a company can’t afford footing the bill, simply organizing a monthly event (where everyone pays for themselves) could give employees something fun to look forward to that helps them to build rapport.  2. Including Families”Bring your kids to work day,” an open invitation for significant others at an office get together, or simply including families helps employees see a more human side of each other. 3. Change the Way You OperateMaking a company more team oriented, even in the smallest ways can help employees to feel more included and essential to the company’s success. (Whitney, 2017)3. Factors that influence employee recruitment strategiesInternal factorsRecruitment PolicyThe recruitment coverage of the company i.e. recruiting from inner belongings and outside additionally have an effect at the recruitment technique. The recruitment coverage of a commercial enterprise corporation specifies the desires or recruitment and offers a framework for implementation of recruitment software. it may involve organizational gadget to be evolved for enforcing recruitment applications and technique by way of way of filling up vacancies with first-class certified people.Human Resource PlanningPowerful human resource planning helps in identifying the gaps present inside the present manpower of the business enterprise. It additionally lets in in figuring out the range of personnel to be recruited and what qualification they have to own.Size of the OrganizationThe scale of the enterprise impacts the recruitment technique. If the organization is planning to boom its operations and increase its commercial enterprise, it’s going to think about hiring greater personnel, if you need to manipulate its operations.External factorsSupply and DemandThe supply of manpower both internal and outside the enterprise is a crucial determinant in the recruitment procedure. If the employer has a call for extra specialists and there can be confined supply in the marketplace for the specialists demanded by way of the enterprise, then the business enterprise will want to depend on inner property with the resource of imparting them special education and improvement packages.Goodwill / Image of the organizationImage of the organisation is some other element having its influence on the recruitment gadget of the company. those can art work as a capability constraint for recruitment. An agency with splendid photograph and goodwill as an agency reveals it much less hard to draw and hold personnel than an agency with negative photo. photo of a organisation is primarily based totally on what organisation does and suffering from industry. Managerial moves like nicely public family members, rendering public provider like building roads, public parks, hospitals and faculties help earn photo or goodwill for company.Political-Social- Legal Environmentvarious government regulations prohibiting discrimination in hiring and employment have direct effect on recruitment practices. as an instance, authorities of India have introduced regulation for reservation in employment for scheduled castes, scheduled tribes, bodily handicapped and so on. additionally, alternate unions play crucial role in recruitment. This restricts management freedom to pick the ones individuals who it believes will be the high-quality performers. If the candidate can’t meet standards stipulated via the union but union rules can restriction recruitment sources. (El-hadidi)4. Identify the strategic role that human resources play in organizations today. The role of the Human Resource (HR) dramatically changes. The Human Resource was the service for managers and the organization. It was designed to take care about the social environment in the organization. The people in an organization carry out important work events. The role of human resource management in organizations/administrations is to organize people so that they can efficiently perform these activities. The human resources management team are the ones who suggest how to manage people as business resources strategically. This includes managing, recruiting and hiring employees, coordinating employee benefits and suggesting employee training and development strategies. This way, Human Resource professionals are not workers in an isolated business function but consultants. They advise managers on many issues related to employees and how they help the organization achieve its goals/ambitions. The translation of the business strategy into the competitive Human Resource strategy is a hard-strategic mission for Human Resources. The Human Resource team must identify the key challenges in the business strategy and has to prepare Human Resource plan for the development of the human capital in the organization. The Human Resource team should influence the top management as it is the right priorities for the line management. Managers and Human Resource professionals work together to develop employees’ skills. For example, Human Resource professionals give advice to managers and supervisors on how to assign employees to specific roles in the organization, thus helping the organization adapt successfully to its environment. Employees are shifted around to different business functions based on business priorities and employee preferences in a flexible organization. The strategic role is in the pro-active approach. The Human Resource professionals should be genuine business entrepreneurs. The professional must identify all the opportunities for new initiatives and improvements. Each successful Human Resource professional can identify opportunities for the improvement while each Human Resource team has to be centred about employees and the performance of employee. Strategies for increasing employee commitment to the organization also suggested by Human Resource professional. This begins through the recruitment process where HR matching employees with the right positions according to their qualifications. Once chosen or hired, employees must be committed to their jobs and feel the challenges throughout the year by their manager in the organization. The strategic role of Human Resource management is about predicting and forecasting the future development. Human Resource must identify key areas for the development and it has to design proper analysis of threats coming from the market and competitors. Human Resource has to protect the know-how of the organization proactively and it has to protect its potential for the future. Human Resource helps a business develop a competitive advantage, which involves building the capacity of the organization so it can offer a special set of goods or services to its customers. To build an effective human resource, private organizations compete with each other.” It’s not just about hiring talented people but is about keeping people and helping them grow and stay committed over the long term. The Human Resource becomes strategic. It is not the case of every organization, but the modern organization gain the competitive advantage.5. Effective compensation strategiesBudget Allocation- The approach should encompass the corporation’s technique to allocating compensation bucks into profits and advantages. This approach will determine how much of the entire reimbursement price range could be spent on revenue and what percentage might be spent on blessings and other incentives. For instance, for a budget of $a thousand for reimbursement, if 90% is income and 10% is blessings, you need to decide how that 10% is spent – one scenario might be – 7% on fitness benefits, 2% on retirement financial savings and 1% on training reimbursement. Allocating unique budget greenbacks to pay and benefits can help manipulate exertions, health care, and other miscellaneous gain expenses.Develop salary ranges- developing income degrees is crucial to making the sure employee pay is competitive with different businesses.  To be competitive, it’s far important to a benchmark like jobs inside the equal enterprise and creates a pay shape. Salary levels may be developed internally through accomplishing studies or making use of sites like earnings.com or payscale.com to determine average salaries in a selected geographic area. Smaller organizations frequently pay a vendor to assist broadens income degrees, while larger corporations may additionally have the HR resources to behaviour the research internally. Regardless, it is crucial to look at all jobs and decide what work is carried out, how the activity is slotted and set up profits ranges that fit all activity descriptions. (Lotich)6. How can an organization minimize the legal risks associated with employee selection? Recruiting and hiring new staff members is fraught with challenges. As many employers now, the list of potential plaintiffs who may sue an employer for alleged employment discrimination extends beyond current and former employees and includes reject job applicants. Here are a few easy steps to minimize the risk associated with employee selection while there is no way to guarantee won’t be sued by a disgruntled applicant. Know the law. At the risk of stating the obvious, know what you can and cannot ask on an application and during an interview. More important, take steps to ensure your interviewers have a basic understanding of the law. It’s good that your Human Resource director knows which types of questions are illegal and inadvisable. Don’t break the law. Continuing with the theme of obviousness, you must not ask impermissible question during the application process. Unsurprisingly, an applicant who can’t prove an employer knew he was visually impaired will have a hard time establishing the employer discriminated against him because of his impairment. There is not much you can do if an applicant blurts out information about a disability, but there is no need to invite a lawsuit by soliciting the information. Furthermore, asking such a question could be seen by an applicant as a predisposition to discriminate. The fact that you would inquire about his disability could suggest to the applicant (who is now more likely to sue) and jury (which is now more likely to believe the applicant) that you based your hiring decision on the answer. Make a record. Eighteen months from now, are you really going to remember why you rejected every applicant? Generally, it is an innovative idea to make sure there is a record from interview. If someone sues, your lawyer will want to review any interview notes to remind the key facts regarding the interview and provide a non-discriminatory reason for not selecting the candidate. Keep good records. All those obnoxious typos you found on resume aren’t going to do you any good if you don’t have a marked-up copy 12 months from now when he sues. Importantly, some laws require you to retain application records. Additionally, it is good to keep detailed records for applicants who are hired. Often, applicants are passed over not because something was wrong with them but because there as someone better. That’s fine! However, if you have to convince a jury that the applicant who was hired was better than those who weren’t hired, detailed records supporting your decision can be invaluable. Don’t force a reason that isn’t there. When faced with lawsuit from a rejected applicant, resist the defensive impulse to go too far in identifying why the applicant wasn’t selected. While evidence of a legitimate reason for your hiring decision can be immensely helpful in refuting a discrimination claim. In the absence of evidence of discriminatory conduct, the fact that one applicant was simply a stronger candidate is a perfectly acceptable reason for a hiring decision. However, a claim that a member of a protected class wasn’t selected because of a single typo on her resume that you may have noticed will often be more damaging than the truth. Tell the truth! In conclusion, ignorance of the law is no excuse in tribunal or court. Many employers have found that out the hard way and faced substantial penalties, such as the employer fined $7,500 for failing to accommodate a job candidate with a learning disability, or another employer fined $35,000 for firing a pregnant woman on her first day of work.7. Benefits of Human Resource Development Strategic human resource management is defined as the process of connecting the human resource role with the strategic purposes of the organization to improve an organization’s performance.” Receiving a HR procedure that is worried about the association’s bigger mission and objectives has numerous points of interest and advantages for the organization. Human Resource is important to organizations in particular ranges, extending from strategic planning to company picture. Human Resource professionals in a little commerce who have well-rounded skill give many administrations to representatives. The ranges in which Human Resource keeps up control can improve employees   discernment of Human Resource all through the workface when they accept Human Resource considers representatives to be its inner clients and renders administrations with that in intellect.           First benefits of human resource development in an organization is Help Evaluate Human Resource Policies. Those introduce of vital Human Resource Development is that those organization’s arrangements Also methods identified with workers ought to fit under the association’s more extensive key arrange. Creating these joins between hr and system need those different preference for making a difference those association should assess its present hr strategies What’s more to displace old fashioned alternately wasteful strategies for ones that Push A superior working environment surroundings Also Worker relations. Concerning illustration, the organization evaluates its hr policies, it could utilize the key plan’s means and targets should assess each hr procedure. Those that fall out of the strategic vision can be reformulated or discarded in favour of better ones.                         More on, Strategic HRD also serves on encourage A sense for group activity Furthermore kinship inside the association. An organization’s vital dream will ideally depend around information starting with an expansive range about stakeholders including managers, employees, clients Also gurus. Making an hr methodology that adjusts to this feeling for open correspondence might bring the real profit from claiming serving stakeholders feel like their slants are esteemed What’s more serious of the organization’s holders Furthermore executives.           Lastly, the benefits of Human Resource Development in organization is Help Monitor Progress. While the strategic vision of the company can influence the creation and evaluation of HR policies, the reverse can also be true. Human resources can help organizations monitor progress towards achieving their goals and objectives through strategic planning. Much of the strategic plan is likely to rely on the cooperation and support of employees and individual departments or functions within the organization. HR plays a huge role in ensuring that all of these components of a strategic plan are implemented in an effective and timely manner. The advantage of this marriage between strategy and HR management is that the company’s executives and its HR function are consistently monitoring one another’s progress and tweaking processes for the benefit of the company and its employees. So, you can very well see that a proper Human Resource development helps in building and managing an organization. Hence, organizations are establishing A more terrific stress for setting dependent upon solid and successful mankind’s asset division.


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