1. overcome barriers is participation. 3. Regular


    Clearcommunication Clear communication is a prerequisite for an organization.Due to lack of information there may be misunderstandings. When implementing anew reward the employees may have different point of views towards it. Theymight have different questions like, –       Willwe get the same monetary reward which was given earlier?-       Whatis the management’s new requirement in reward strategy?-       Willwe have to work long working hours?-       JobsecurityIf the employer is unable to answerworker’s questions there may be a conflict between employer and employee.Always managements’ duty is to communicate people through a clear and trustedcommunication channel. Once the employees are answered and doubts are solvedtheir patronage is received. When communicating accepting workplace complaints is the first step in improving the condition and encouragement for workers. Before implementing a new strategy, if we can take the opinion of them it will be a guide to changes and improvements to the workplace or to set policies that need to be revised.

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 2.     Participation of employees in planning process               It is very important to have the participation of each and every employee once a new reward strategy is implemented. If your employees also can take part in implementing their suggestion also can be considered. One of the best ways to overcome barriers is participation.  3.     Regular checks                 Before implementing a new strategy it is compulsory to have an analysis of the working environment.

Once after implementation there should be regular checks to ensure whether the new reward strategy works to meet the expectations of management and as well as the employees. Regular checks always help the minimize the failures and to maintain the good durability of a strategic plan. 4.     Help workers to improve            Workers who are involved in their work tend to feel committedand engaging when the employer participates in helping to improve their work.It may be an additional on the job training, an education payment or tuitionfee reimbursement plan.

While implementing a new


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