[1] https://study.com/academy/lesson/native-american-oral-tradition-heritage-and-literary-influence.html [2] https://www.poetryfoundation.org/poets/leslie-marmon-silko [3] “Yellow Woman and

1 https://study.com/academy/lesson/native-american-oral-tradition-heritage-and-literary-influence.html 2 https://www.

poetryfoundation.org/poets/leslie-marmon-silko3 “Yellow Woman and a Beauty of the Spirit” Leslie Marmon Silko Simon & Schuster Ney York 48.Pocz?tek formularzaDó? formularza 4 17, 185 276 277 278 Storyteller 2439 5010 51Sometimes, it may take a lot of time to create your own story. At the beginning of the title story “Storyteller” the girl, the main protagonist, is only a listener who has no story to tell. She is listening carefully to the stories of an old man and is trying to create her own story.

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 The old man teaches her the rules of storytelling. He keeps telling his story and tells the way it is. Finally, she becomes a storyteller and ” will not change the story … The story must be told as it is.”9 As she succeeded, she “did not pause or hesitate; she went on with the story, and she never stopped”10 It took a lot of time for girl to create the story but as she managed to do this, she decided to tell the truth, not to change the facts, so that her story not only will be personal but also real. What is more, she wants to share it with others and never stop telling it. She is a great example of a person who had to grow up, experience more in her life to become a storyteller. The girl preserved her identity in continuously storytelling, so did the old men.An important feature of the storytelling is that not always the story that we might have heard before will be the same after some time.

As Silko recalls “Aunt Susuie and Aunt Alice would tell me stories they had told me before but with changes in details or descriptions. The story was the important thing and little changes here and there were really part of the story.”8 Even though the plot of the stories Silko heard before had changed, they were still as significant as the original ones. What is more, most likely these modifications were made intentionally, however, the stories’ values remain the same.Leslie Silko owes ………………………. to her aunts and grandparents who introduced storytelling to her.4 When Silko recalls the voice of Aunt Susie telling her the stories, she mentions, she “had certain phrases, certain distinctive words/ she used in her telling.

“5 For Silko, this depicts how talented Aunt Susie was, as she is described as “a brilliant woman, a scholar/ of her own making.”6 What is more, Leslie Silko is telling the story of a young girl who escaped in “the way Aunt Susie told the story.”7 It follows that she must have been such a great storyteller, so that Silko is narrating this story as it was told by her aunt.Leslie Marmon Silko is an acclaimed essayist, novelist, and poet of Laguna Pueblo, Mexican and Anglo-American heritage, who has based her belongingness to her tribe through her books which refer to Laguna myths and storytelling traditions. In 1981 Silko published her piece of work called “Storyteller.

“2 This is a collection of short stories influenced by orally shared tales but also photos, family memories, poetry or letters. According to Silko in Pueblo culture “the words most highly valued are those spoken from the heart unpremeditated and unrehearsed.”3 This denotes how significant the oral tradition is for Native Americans. Her book “Storyteller” is a great example of a guide to becoming a perfect storyteller, this is about a storytelling as an act.The way tellers tell stories is really important. They create their own world by the use of the spoken language.

The oral tradition has always been a crucial part of Native Americans’ life. They have stories that have been passed down from generation to generation through spoken language. These stories are ways of recording the experience, memories, history, culture, and beliefs, but also problems that each tribe may encounter.1 Although everyone can tell stories, to become a storyteller it is necessary to master the art of storytelling.


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