1.How individuality and our characteristic. Our experiences, surroundings,

1.How do we form and shape our identities? Identity can be defined as the fact of being who or what a person or thing is. It means individuality and our characteristic. Our experiences, surroundings, friends, values, sexuality, race, culture, religion, family overall form and shape our identities from the time we are born.

The way we react to certain situations in life is important in the creation of identities. For example, if you are a person who looks at mistakes as lessons and tries to move on from them, it portrays you to be a mature individual. We are able to form an identity of ourselves when a role model has let us down. Whether the role model was a celebrity, friend, or family member the person has a specific influence on us to be like them. If your role model turns out to be someone they were not,it helps you realize that it is better to be yourself than to be a person who was a fraud. “But Minerva, your own child—” I began and then I saw it did hurt her to make this sacrifice she was convinced she needed to make.

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(2.8.60)” In this quote all the sisters had to give up important aspects of their life in order to fight for their beliefs. One sister even had to give up her son and the others freedom. Dede almost had to sacrifice her own marriage after the disapproval of her husband.

The obstacles the sisters overcame helped shape their identities which is why they all are willing to make hard sacrifices in order to achieve their goals of a rebellion. One may not make sense as to why a mother would give away their freedom and children for any cause but if they understood the  surroundings, friends and values they grew up with then It would have made more sense. Identities are paths defined by what you do and why you do it. Identities can be shaped or formed when the person has come to the realization that they are not who they thought they were. People will try to use friends to help them find out their identity, however different people will have different thoughts about who you are.

It takes traumatic or sad experiences to enhance a person’s awareness of who they are.  2. In a culture where we are bombarded with ideas and images of “what we should be,” how does one form an identity that remains true and authentic for her/himself?One is able to form an identity that remains true to themselves through the power of self-concept. If a person is feeling obligated to live how their culture wants them to, they’re becoming part of the ingroup bias. As long as the person themselves feels true and authentic that is what important. It  should not be based on society’s condemning values. The individual should embark on a journey giving them time to really grasp and discover the type of person they actually have been.

It is said that a person can not be themselves if they have not reached self-actualization. In order to figure out who you are as a person. It is imperative to explore, live, and learn through the dispositions encountered, that way you are building self-concept and even self-love as well.Trying to conform to someone’s rules always leads to insecurity and incompetence. The person is only obeying the rules for social approval or because it is depicted as disrespectful to certain groups when someone is not following the social standard. The standard has been around since even before the person was born and it was taught them in school, meaning that there is no chance for the individual to realize what they want. The one factor that allows people to conform to their culture is they do not want to be the odd one out who does not agree with the terms.

The Mirabal Sisters were a clear example of individuals who remained both authentic and true to themselves and followed their dreams regardless of the system put in place to restrict them from doing so they had numerous people try to influence them and tell them “what they should be”. They did not let society define them or how they would live in fact in the male population in Dominican Republic had seen women as more of a companion they had to conform to society’s culture and gender roles. In fact, they were expected to follow the rules and limitations set by men and live their lives in accordance to their father and husband. “It started with Patria wanting to be a nun. Mamá was all for having religion in the family, but Papá did not approve in the least. More than once, he said that Patria as a nun would be a waste of a pretty girl.

He only said that once in front of Mamá, but he repeated it often enough to me. (1.2.6)” In this quotes shows how the Mirabal sisters father shows little to no concern about his daughter desires and he feels like a woman’s purpose is to get married and reproduce and he refers to her as a waste a pretty girl because nuns are forbidden from getting married, reproducing and/ or engaging in any sexual contact.


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