1. he was not a native American because

1.    Brando experienced a very strangedysfunction family. Throughout his life, he was deceived and lied to about manyaspects of his life. She lied to him about his ethnicity during his childhood.She also had many men coming in and out of her life leaving Brando to searchfor the truth by himself.

2.    Brando’s mother named herself running deerand told Brando that his last name came from his father a native American namedPaul Skyhorse. Brando said that she chose to assume a new identity to bedifferent and stand out among others in their town in California.

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3.    In the text, Brando states that a fatherwas just someone he had a relationship with and throughout fifteen years hismother has five sort of stepfathers that Brando gains a relationship with. Oneof the father figures was a man named Frank, he came and went for a while untilthe next man came. All the different lies and fathers confused Brando more thananything. The truth he learned when he was thirty years old. He found out thathis father a Mexican American abandoned him and his mother at three years old.4.    His relationship with his biologicalfather once they finally met was very positive.

He finally found the truth andunderstood that the truth was simple. It did not seem as if he had any negativefeelings toward his father. Brando sounded like he knew his father had regretsand came to terms with his life in a way.5.    In my opinion, I believe he named the bookTake This Man because it symbolized situations in his life where he had to takea new name given to him and accept his life as it was.

In his whole life, hewas given information from many people and try and make sense of it truth ornot. The title appears to represent people Brando may not have been familiarwith saying “take this” as if they were giving him information alongthe way. 6.

    I think he kept his name after he foundout he was not a native American because it was the only real life he hadknown. The name represented his struggles and survival through the hardships hehad already come out from. I believe that he sees it sort of pointless tochange his name at this stage of life it was almost meaningless.

7.    Brando’s search for a father in his lifeas a boy and later as a man throughout his life is central to understandinghimself because he is looking for the truth. He wants to get information abouthimself through others to find his own identity as an individual. Another wayto look at is simply grasping the idea that he wants a stable relationship withsomeone who can teach him about how to be a man. 8.    In a way, he is trying to escape hismother and grandmother by finding a father. Brando wants to learn about lifefrom others instead of only what his mother tells him.9.

    The way his mother pushes people way isvery strange. She seems to push others away when they get too close and then isupset when they walk away from the situation. I think she lets her emotionschose how she treats people in the moment and then she learns from her mistakesand regrets her decisions.10. I think at the time she thought that itwas more exotic because in the area that they lived native American populationwas scarce. I believe that they gained a sort of popularity and interest from othersbeing culturally diverse in the community.

They completely lost their Mexicanheritage; even now Brando states that he cannot truly identify with eitherethnicity and that is something he lost when his mother changed their lives.  Quotations from the book Section II1.    This quote directly explains Brando’s lifesituation. He meets many people and has many father figures some he will makerelationships and other will just become vague memories of his past.2.

    Brando tries to have many father figuresin case one leaves suddenly. He has this method prepared because in his life hehas no stable people that stay for long periods of time. Many father types comeand go so Brando accepts this fact and prepares for others to leave his life.3.    This quote shows his mother’s teachings.

she taught Brando that money equals love. Once he learned this it affected howpeople were viewed in his life. He now needed money and gifts to feel loved.This explains the chaotic teachings that his mother gave him that were twistedand wrong.4.    Many times, in Brando’s life his mothertold him “at least it’s not boring”. When she said this, it was herway of justifying her crazy life and its effects on Brando.

She thought thather wildlife and how it affected Brando was better than a boring life which isdebatable.5.    Bando is forced to trust those that havealready lied and betrayed him. This depicts parts of his life where he had noother choice but to accept and forgive those that deceived him because theywere all he had.Critical Essay Topic Section III4.WhenBrando was only three years old he was abandoned by his father.

When Brando isfinally able to talk to his father he finally gets the reason why he wasabandoned. Candido told Brando that his mother pushed him away and by his unstablemother. Brando’s mother drives away many men thought the book and it seems asif Brando understands this. Brando feels indifference between his father sincehe had not known much about him he says “Sometimes the gap between Candido andme feels too great, like an aside to the family I want with my sisters. It’s asif my mother ripped out the pages of my story with Candido as she read them,let them fall to her feet like plucked feathers, and then left Candido and meto reassemble our book without the benefit of page numbers” (256). In thisquote, Brando is meeting a man that he does not know in the slightest. Eventhough it is his father it makes a huge gap in their relationship like he says.

Thenext quote depicts how awkward meeting his father is going to be and explainsit is very difficult to talk about. “On the drive to Candido’s house, westruggled for small talk like picking up pennies wearing oven mitts” (232).From this expert of the memoir, he is trying to explain how difficult it is tospeak about the subject of his father.

Thispart of the memoir shows Brando’s emotions when going to meet his father “I’dbrought the bullets to destroy him, but the gun dissolved right in my hands.”(228). This quote shows how prepared Brando was to dislike and oppose hisfather who had abandoned him.

Once they met he immediately could understand hisfather’s intentions. This final piece fromBrando’s memoir depicts Brando realization that he can break away from hismother and life his own life. He states “The more I told my mother’s lies, theless I felt like I was just an extension of her.

The truth about Candido seemedlike another way for my mother to control me and define who I was. In the shadeof absolute falsehoods, I realized I could grow up” (105). With this saidBrando breaks away from the lies and stories that his mother had given to him.I believe that Brando can understand his father’s reasons for leaving; Sinceboth had lived with her they can understand each other’s mindset when trying todeepen their relationship


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