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A branch of physics deals with electric current or fields and magnetic fields
and their association on substance or matter is called Electromagnetism.
Electromagnetism has made an extraordinary revolution in the field of engineering
applications. moreover, this caused an extraordinary effect on different fields such
as medical, industrial, space, etc.
Th principles of electromagnetic Induction could be explained in two laws,
Faraday’s law and Len’z law. In faraday’s law of electromagnetic induction is the
process of what an electromotive force (EMF) is induced in a closed circuit to change
the magnetic field which surrounded around the circuit. In Len’z Law of
electromagnetic induced is when the direction in a closed circuit of the Induced
electromotive force (EMF) and the induced current is regularly such as to oppose
the change in magnetic flux producing it.
We can discover huge practical application of electromagnetism in everyday
life from domestic appliances to
research applications.



a micro-wave contains three main components, first of all a vacuum tube
called magnetron it generates the energy that heats food. Second a waveguide hidden
in the wall to direct that energy to the food. Third chamber to hold the food and
safely contain the microwave radiation.
In principle, a microwave oven heats no differently than any other type of
heat transfer. At a molecular level heat is a transfer of energy that results in increased
motion of the molecules in a substance. Since we aren’t quantum-sized, we observe
this increase in motion as a rise in temperature. In a traditional oven or stove we heat
food by placing a pan on a burner or in the oven where the walls radiate heat, which
cooks the outside of the food. the inside cook when heat transfers from the surface
of the food to its interior. In contrast, energy from the magnetron penetrates into the
food, which means the whole mass of the food can be cooked simultaneously. how
does it do this? Well, our food id filled with water, which is positively charged at
one end, and negative at the other. To give these molecules more energy, we expose
it to electromagnetic waves that emanate from the tube. By definition, the waves
have electrical and magnetic fields that change direction rapidly.



X-rays are a sort of light ray, similar like the visible light we see it in daily
life. But the difference between the x-rays and the visible light is the wavelength of
the rays. Human’s eyes cannot see light with longer wavelengths, for examples radio
waves, or light with shorter wavelength like the x-rays.
When high energy electrons in the cathode tube hit a metal component, they
either got slowed down and released extra energy, or kicked off electrons from the
atoms they hit, which triggered reshuffling that again released energy. In both cases,
the energy was emitted in the form of X-rays, which is a type of electromagnetic
radiation with higher energy than visible light, and lower energy than Gamma rays.
X-rays are power full enough to fly through many kinds of matter is if they are semi-
transparent, and they’re particularly useful for medical applications because they can
make image of organs, like bones, without harming them, although they do have a
small chance of causing mutations in reproductive organs, and tissues like the
thyroid, which is why lead aprons are often used to block them.



The purpose of a loudspeaker is to convert electrical energy into acoustic energy.
What inside the speakers:-

3. Permanent magnet

When an electrical current flow through a metal coil it will creates a magnetic
field. This coil behaves a normal magnet, with one specifically handy property: it
reversing the direction of the current in the coil flips the poles of the magnet. What
we can find inside the speaker in front of the permanent magnet an electromagnet.
And the permanent magnet is fixed settled solidly into position while the
electromagnet is mobile. When the electricity pulses go through the electromagnet
coil the direction of the magnetic field will be changed rapidly. Which means it turns
attracted and rappelled from the permanent magnet and vibrating forth and back.
The electromagnet is connected to a cone which is wade of flexible tools and
materials such as plastic or paper that amplifies these vibrations and pumping the
sound waves into surrounding air.



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