1.Diet urbanization and industrialization lifestyle of Chinese


Diet and nutritionEating healthy food is very important in diet. People should eat right quantity of food with are rich in macro-nutrient required for the body. With Increase in urbanization and industrialization lifestyle of Chinese have become more sedentary, as low percentage people are involved in doing regular exercise. According to survey held in 2007 it was mentioned that both in Rural and Urban china, only 12% Chinese aged 16 and above do exercise three times a week (fda.gob). More people are eating unhealthy diets. As people are more involved in professional work so many people do not eat food on time which leads to overweight and Obesity problems. In 2002 more than 300 million Chinese people were suffering from obesity; among them , 22.

8% of adults were overweight and 7.1% were obese. Patanjali Muesli market will hit very fast as in fast pace life people demands for food which can be made quickly so Muesli will be best option for breakfast as Muesli has rich source of vitamins, minerals and carbohydrate which are required for the body and more over Muesli can be either added to milk or water depending upon preference of the person. With increase in urbanization people in China prefer food which are portable and easy to eat (agriculture.

gov). Patanjali Muesli comes in small pouches; therefore consumer can eat and dispose of the packet. As it will consumer’s time so the demand of muesli will increase in Chinese market.

2.     Recreational Activity Eating healthy food and doing exercise helps to remain fit.  As people are more concerned about health and fitness, this motivates them to work out and eat nutritious food after that. Patanjali Muesli cereal will flourish in China market as muesli cereal is rich in nutrients which provide healthy food item option for Chinese people.

Moreover, people of China have shifted from their traditional food like noodles, tofu and curry etc. to cereals in their diet. To promote physical activities, National Physical Fitness Program was established in 1995 to encourage young people and children to adopt any physical sport activity.

As we see people are now involved in such activities, this will help Patanjali Muesli market to grow in China


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