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     Definition  Inferential statistics is one oftwo main branches of statistics , inferential statistics use a random sample ofdata taken from a population to describe and make inferences about thepopulation  of this data , also inferential statisticsmeans that we can use information from sample data to make generalization andinference about a population about this data , with inferential statistics, it’seasy to reach conclusions in population of data . inferential statistics is animportant part of statistical study that it help in showing data and populationof this data in a simple way that makes the dealing with this data very easy . 2.      Main types There are many types of inferential statistics that are very importantand required in statistical study and also important in displaying the data in asimple and clear way . types of inferential statistics are lot in number sothere is main types of  it like : ·        T-testA t-test is used to compare between two groups, an experimental andcontrol group. The t-test allows to measure the  difference exists betweentwo means , it also can be used to compare the difference and mean of ne groupbut before an after the change or the difference between those values of thegroup occur t-test help in determining the difference between any types ofgroup or data .

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·        Analysisof Variance (ANOVA)Analysis of variance  is animportant type of inferential statistics that allow to determine the potential differencesin a dependent variable values by  variable values that  having 2 or more categories , analysis of variance(ANOVA) is an important type of inferential statistics that help in comparingand determining the potential difference between the data .·        Analysis of Covariance (ANCOVA)Analysis of covariance (ANCOVA) can be used in determining thedifferences that exist in the mean values of the dependent variables which arerelated to the effect of the controlled independent variables also while takinginto consider the influence of the uncontrolled independent variables , Analysis of covariance (ANCOVA) used used to measure the meanvariation of any values . ·        Chi-Square All of the otherstatistical types of inferential statistics require a dependent variable thatis quantitative but not the chi-square , chi-square test is very important for knowingand determining  the  relationship exists between two qualitativevariables , such as sex (male , female) or eye color  (brown , blue) .·        Regression AnalysisRegression is requiredto measure the degree of relationship between two or more ratio variables. In regression analysis,a single dependent variable, Y,is important to be a function of one or more independent variables values, X1, X2,and so on ,  Regressing analysis isimportant to control the data of any two groups . 3.

     Importance ofinferential statistics Inferential Statisticsis an important concept in science , the methods in inferential statistics areused by researchers and scientists who want to try and understand the largergroups they are studying , many statisticians do not want to deliverinformation about the studied sample alone, they want to provide extrapolationson the behavior of the population , inferential statistics required to organizeinformation , the inferentialstatistics display the information in a clear , simple format that makes iteasy to deal with , inferential statistics are also important for shorteninginformation and making sample and population  study easier , its important much as descriptivestatistics in statistic science . 


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