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1.    Security shoesIt is the complete professional footwear regarding essential protection elements. It also incorporates a safety stop or toe cap to protect the toes from impacts or compression forces. This is the type of footwear that we will see in factory workers, who have to operate with heavy machinery, port workers, masons and other jobs that need maximum protection.2.

    Protective footwearThis professional footwear also has a safety cap or toe, but its security is less than that of safety footwear. It protects from minor impacts but is used by workers in stores, warehouses or cargo and unloading because this reduction in protection is enhanced to the detriment of higher comfort.3.    Work footwearThis type of shoe is also for professional use since it incorporates essential safety elements, but does not guarantee the protection of the toes against possible impact or compression.

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If it counts, like the other two previous types with an anti-slip sole, and with protection for the tread, since this kind of shoes are used by workers who do not have to handle heavy machinery, they do have to spend a lot of time standing up, and they should protect their kidneys or their backs like sellers, machine operators, assembly line workers and in addition to those who perform tasks for which they have to stand for a long time.If ours is a job in which employees are exposed to substantial and dangerous impacts, and we want to, get total protection boots, we should focus on the following characteristics :•    That the tip of the shoes is made of steel and resistant to impact freefall•    That resist the crushing and drilling in case of fall•    That is impervious not only to water but to solvents and other chemical and/or toxic products•    That the sole is anti-adherent and resistant to slippery surfaces•    That the boots or protective shoes have metal safety templatesIt is essential to choose the right safety footwear for each job:The feet are often the most vulnerable part of the body when working with material or heavy machinery and also for tasks that require many hours of standing the worker, so we have to give the choice of protection boots our work the importance it deserves. Now you know the criteria that you must take into account when selecting the type of footwear for a worker.Proper protection of the fingers or the soles of the feet requires that the footwear has the necessary features to cover the risks that are faced in each type of work, for which we will take into account the characteristics of which we have treated in this guide.Remember that the last thing we want is that you have any problem at work that has an impact on the worker and consequently, a delay in productivity.

So that does not happen, it is best to have quality safety boots. Also if you have been interested in this article, surely this article about safety glasses will be able to transmit your precious information.About us:When choosing suitable safety boots for our work we must look at several factors, and what may seem a task without apparent difficulty is essential because there is a large number of jobs in which the safety footwear is necessary.


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