1. which is identified based on the

1. DIGITAL PLANNING Ideally planning starts with customer needs and with these needs, planning how a factory should look starts with a design phase. The primary objectives are process and hardware which is identified based on the customer requirements.

Planning is like heart of the entire factory. So intense research should be carried out before developing. According to economist gurus, 75% of investments are directed to early stages of planning process. All the decisions made after start of the project accumulates for final outcome, so if a wrong decision is made at start then the entire foundation collapses. So wise decisions should be taken before jumping into actions.   The first steps for data planning are creation of “common database”.

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Since planning is always a time consuming process and step by step procedure, it should be accelerated as quickly as possible. There are many ways to accelerate it; one of the methods is Parallel process where planning is done in parallel. To realize this stage, factories should create a common database where data is stored centrally which can be accessed across various departments; and can also be modified for their specific needs. For example a factory is build according to blueprints; and there is a 7 tons crane which moves across the factory floor, then comes the Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) department which drills and inserts tubes across roof tops for ventilation, this created a problem because crane and tube might collide which created major accident because of this miscommunication various department should come together and plan. Smart Devices, machines equipments, algorithms, storage, safety, purchase should be planned and readily available. The production line should be created based on past data or with instincts. Common Interfaces should be created since most of the equipment is interchangeable.

Software’s should be created which created a perfect interface between human and works.


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