1* vara den utvalde, han som ska få

1* What message does the film have? How did you come to this conclusion?The movie is about the heartless companies that are represented by the robots ( the Doh ), who manipulates the humanity, by that keeping them in a deep sleeping condition, serve them beautiful dreams and sending them on some wild goose chases and feed off their energy, exactly like companies spreads by the humanity’s hard work. Only a few dares to think free and se the world as it is, and only a few dares to fight the system after a understanding how it works.As Morpheus tells Neo:- “Matrix is everywhere …

It’s the world that has been pulled over your eyes to hide the truth” Tänk gud aktigt att man lever i sin egna lilla värld- bara hjälper till så du kan fortsätta skriva på detta 2 Which two of the following characters do you find to be the most important and why? Trinity, Switch, Apoc, The Oracle, Agent Smith, Morpheus, Cypher.  3* How do you interpret the ending? What happens to Neo?Neos roll i filmerna är viktig. Det är han som är huvudpersonen, man får följa honom genom alla filmer, när han kommer till den riktiga världen och när han lämnar den, ingen vet om han kommer tillbaka. Från början är han Mr Anderson, en person som jobbar på ett stort dataföretag på dagen och jobbar som “hackare” på natten. Han kommer i kontakt med Morpheus som kan ge honom svaren på frågan som han håller på och ställer sig själv: vad är Matrix?Han får träffa Morpheus som berättar att han anses vara den utvalde, han som ska få fred och förgöra Matrix. Han kristendomens Jesus.

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I slutet av filmen skjuts Neo ihjäl för att sedan återuppstå tillbaka till livet igen. Där får man en direkt koppling till Jesus eget liv, död och uppståndelse.Scenen där han uppstår kan man så som ett motiv från Snövit. Men istället för den manlige prinsen som kysser Snövit så är det Trinity som väcker Neo med hjälp av en kyss. Uppståndelsen från döden förvandlar Neo, nu har han makten och kraften som behövs för att han ska förstå att han är den utvalda.

 The way I see this are that there is two endings to look at. for the people who can understand  the sequels and that him saying “showing a world without you” ” Where we go from here is the shows i leave to you” Can be understood to him saying to the audience saying that the story of Matrix goes all the way to your imagination or what they say in the movie ” is left up to your imagination, You can think of the possibilities by yourself 4* Describe the surroundings in the movie. Compare The Matrix with what they refer to as the real world. g  The Matrix is an illusion simulation reality that are constructed how the world was under the year 1999 developed by machines to keep in their capture. Morpheus  and his crew are a group of free people their point is to set other free from The Matrix and recruit them with their resistance against the machines witch they made a year i think after 1999.  They can use their nature to understand and break the law of the physics in the simulation and by that give them overnatural skills.

   Everything seems to be old because the movie is in 1999 or even older because of mine opinion it does not look quite modern if you compare 1995 to 2017 then many things has improved and one scene when Neo passed the security gate so the guards gonna check so he doesn’t have anything dangerous stuff on him. And they noticed he had guns so it all went down to hell. What i’m trying to say is the surroundings are simple and easy.   5* Do you think that what happens in the film could happen for real? Why/why not?6* Describe Neo/Mr. Anderson and do a comparison. Which side of him do you find to be most convincing?7 What themes do you find in the movie?Fantasy film and science fiction film  8 Which character do you find to be the most complex? How is this complexity portrayed?9 How do you interpret the film as a whole?10 In what way would you say The Matrix is a philosophical film?11* What similarities  can you find between The Matrix and other famous films/books?Snow White, it’s Trinity who awakes Neo with the help of a kiss.12* In what way is the film about identity? 13 Like we said in class, the name Neo is an anagram of the word one.

Neo is also another word for new. Point to instances in the film where this could be proven.


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