1. and over a hundred player interviews and

1. Social abilityEven though I’d describe myself as shy, I am actually very skilled at pretending to be interested in a conversation I’m not interested in. I have all the patience in the world and am an amazing listener. People tend to gravitate to me because I let them talk about themselves and in turn I can build trust with them. I am not only a skilled listener but also very easy to talk to and in an environment with high levels of paranoia, people would feel most comfortable moving forward with whomever they’re closest to. 2. Strategic AwarenessThrough multiple re-watches of every season of Survivor, going over 50 different podcasts and over a hundred player interviews and playing ORGs for almost 2 years, I believe I have developed a deep understanding of the social strategy of Survivor. People always whittle down the question of “”What do you need to do to win Survivor?”” to stuff like “”blah blah blah big movez”” or “”blah blah just be likable””.

In my opinion more than anything else you need to be AWARE. Aware of your surroundings, aware of how your alliance members perceive you, aware of how your rivals perceive you and aware of how jury members perceive you. To quote Alastor Mad-Eye Moody, “”CONSTANT VIGILANCE!””. If you are able to correctly estimate how your competitors perceive you, only then can you make(or not make) the moves needed to not only get you closer to the end, but also get you that win. For example, Sandra was aware that she could be in the good graces of the heroes by choosing to target Russell, Adam was aware that the jury saw him/Hannah/Ken as David’s lackies and strategically started plotting against him to shake that perception off, etc you see what I mean. I believe I can use this strategic awareness to not only get myself ahead but to win.3.

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Physical AbilityNot much to say here and honestly I’m a bit tired of tooting my own horn LOL but I am pretty good at most flash games. I was pretty shit when I first started out inORGs, but 2 years and a better laptop later, I’ve improved significantly yeet 8). SoI definitely think I’ll be an asset to my tribe pre-merge and no one would eventhink about getting rid of me early (I hope ;)). But the thing about being just solid instead of SPECTACULAR at challenges is that I can easily play down my challenge abilities post merge so that I won


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