1. Every day, we use our industry

1. Introduction

As a result of better universal competition, commoditization of primary products, and waning profit margins, the after-sales business has gained strategic importance for numerous companies across various industries. Accordingly, the perception of after-sales services has changed over the past few decades, from the traditional perspective of additional but necessary costs imposed exclusively by manufacturers (Lele, 1997) towards a potential source of competitive advantage and business opportunity (Armistead & Clark, 1992; Wagner & Lindemann, 2008).

 “As a term, after-sales services has been used the most, to describe services that are provided to the customer  after the products have been delivered.” (Rigopoulou, etal., 2008).

Company introduction

NexGen IT Solution Pvt. LTD is a firm based in Kathmandu that is committed to providing End-to-End IT solutions, with an aim to contribute to the IT infrastructure requirements of companies of all sizes in Nepal. We lay the groundwork for electronic highways required for successful Information technology implementations and provide end to end hardware solutions to companies of all sizes.

Every day, we use our industry insight, technological vision and innovative thinking to produce fresh perspectives on our customers’ businesses. That’s how we enable them to reach their full potential and accelerate their business. We are excited to work in the intersection of technology and business. Our game-changing IT innovations and services help our customers in the public and private sectors in Nepal to realise new business and service opportunities, master industry change and stay one step ahead of their competitors. NexGen is headquartered in Kathmandu, Nepal. We are the leading IT services company, but we also have a strong presence in Nepal and delivery capabilities.

We have partnered ourselves with Allied Telesis and the hardware products that we sell come with five years of warranty. Allied Telesis is a multi-national Japanese company, with its presence in 91 countries that has been manufacturing IEEE based IP Ethernet products since 1987.  This company automates IP Triple play solution services to converged voice, video and data on the network completely. This switching manufacturer makes both commercial and industrial grade switches.


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