1. there are literally tons of essences


Cosrx hyaluronic acid hydra power

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…the key to going from drab to fab…

you use them or not, essences are trending right now. Containing higher
concentrations of active ingredients, these products truly are your best friend
on those hard days when your skin feels and looks particularly drab.

while there are literally tons of essences flooding the market (and there will
always be more as long as they’re in demand) the hyaluronic acid hydra power
one from Cosrx has managed to get quite a bit of a cult following thanks to its

– the key to shedding off years of your face

best perk of this Cosrx star product is the fact that it specializes in complexion
hydration care, infusing all layers of your skin with moisture, while also
smoothing and moisturizing along the way… a true Holy Grail for those suffering
from dry, rough skin.  

of these wonderful results are a gift of sodium hyaluronate, hyaluronic acid’s
little sibling. Having a much smaller molecule than its counterpart, sodium
hyaluronate can easily penetrate your complexion’s natural barrier, hydrating
it from the inside out.

the star ingredient (and main one) is sea buckthorn water, an essential fatty
acid, vitamin and mineral bomb that has the ability to erase stress from your
skin almost like magic. Loved by ancient Greeks who intensively used it for
skin disease treatments, this unassuming orange fruit will soon make the list
of your favorite super foods.  

no to dull skin and yes to a younger, much more radiant you

of any harmful components and light on fillers, the Cosrx hyaluronic acid hydra
power essence’s light, luxurious formula will soon find its way into your daily
skincare routine. Improving the texture of your complexion was never this



pairing hydrating hyaluronic acid with anti-oxidant filled sea buckthorn water,
Cosrx’s hyaluronic acid hydra power essence will quickly transform your dull
complexion into the best version of itself. Having soft, smooth, moisturized
skin doesn’t have to be hard. 


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