1. One can create baby shower games


Baby crossword puzzle baby shower gamesOne can create baby shower games with crossword puzzles that have to do with baby related clues. For example the baby’s first clothing set is called _____. and number 13 across. If you may have a 10 to 12-year-old girl in the immediate family, they will be great at creating baby shower games crossword puzzles. Once you have created this crossword puzzle on a regular sheet of paper you can redo it onto a poster board and everyone can see it.

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2. Dress the baby, baby shower gamesThis baby shower game race is to address a baby doll as quickly as possible. You can use it all the same size of a baby and have clothing to hand dress them. You should include a cloth diaper, rubber pants, socks or booties, T-shirt, pants and a shirt or dress, cap or bonnet etc.

Give a two-minute time limit so each participant gets a turn.3. Scramble Names baby shower gamesThe baby shower participants try to come up with as many words as possible that are in the mothers name, fathers name or baby’s name.Instead of giving out a gift, the lowest baby shower game score less pay $0.25 for each name on their list. The next lowest score pays $0.20 for each word in their list and all the money goes into the baby bank.

4. Pin the diaper on the baby – baby shower gamesThis is a variation of pin the tail on the donkey and uses tape and die cuts of diapers. Blindfolded the guests try to tape the diapers onto a picture of a baby.

The closest diaper to this right spot wins a prize. They can also pin a bottle on the baby.5.

Multitasking Mama baby shower gamesTwo people hold a close line while the other baby shower guests hang out baby clothes. The goal is to hang the clothes whilst simultaneously holding the baby and talking on a cell phone. The one who can hang the most clothes in one minute wins.6.

Who am I baby shower gamesEach guest can bring a baby picture of themselves to the party and set it on the table. The other baby shower guests will have to guess who they think is whom. This is a great getting to know each other game.7., Yikes.

. the water broke baby shower game This game can be one of the most fun. Partially fill tiny Dixie cups with lightly tinted blue water. In each cup place a tiny plastic baby that are used for cake decorating. Freeze them in the cups of blue water.

Have the baby shower guests gather outside and give each one of the guests a frozen cup while playing other games or opening gifts. The first one who is able to pull the baby out has to yell” my water broke” it sounds corny but you can imagine how much fun people will have holding the cups over lamps or between their legs to get them to melt quicker.8. Discovery what will the baby look likePrior to the baby shower you can photocopy pictures of an expectant mom her husband and her mom and dad his mom and dad and even the dog. Cut the facial features out, such as eyes, nose, malls etc.

and give everyone construction paper with the shape of a baby’s face copied on it. Everyone at the baby shower has to use the pieces of different faces to create what they think the baby will look like. You can even add mustaches and goatees. It is so fun to see the options that people come up with.

9. Let’s find… The squares baby shower gamesStart out with a jar with a hole cut in the lid and has coins in it. Pass it around to each baby shower guest. Each person, one at a time will say something they have never done. Anyone at the baby shower who has done that particular thing has to put money in the jar. Every guest has to try to think of things they have never done and that most anybody else would have done. For example someone may have never had a cavity. Maybe there is a grandmother who never has been drunk.

Then lots of people have to pay and annie up for that one. It’s a fun idea for a fun group of people and in the end the jar of money starts a savings account for the new baby.10. Baby shower original our projectThis is a fun game for leaving a lasting piece of original art for a keepsake for the baby. You will need a canvas around 16 inches to 22 inches.

You can use crêpe paper or tissue paper as an alternative. It can even be framed depending on what you want to spend. Get some bright bold acrylic or oil paints. Florescent colors are also good. Get a small amount of odorless paint thinner and brushes.

You can get all of these from an art supply shop. Ask the guest to each contribute a little artistic work to the canvas during the party. They can come back to the canvas, as they desire throughout the party. Usually there was someone with special artistic talents who wants to start the painting with some sort of theme.

Abstract art can also work. Guests can cut out little flowers from colored pieces of construction paper. They also can write down a wish for the child and sign their name. After the artwork dries it becomes a truly magnificent original piece of art.


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