1. this results in significant rejuvenation and improvement

1. Chocolate is a natural anestheticEvery time a regular piece of chocolate gets into our stomach, the cocoa contained in it causes a small injection of the elixir of happiness into our brain. This is due to the development of additional endorphins (natural opiates) and the activation of the pleasure centers of the brain, which can even lead to a reduction in real pain sensations .2. Melting chocolate slices in the mouth causes a more pleasant sensation than a kissIn 2007, researchers from the University of Sussex studied the heart rate and brain waves in 20 couples during a kiss, and then during their eating of chocolate. In all cases, chocolate in the mouth caused a more intense reaction than someone else’s tongue!3. Chocolate makes your skin youngerGerman researchers suggest that flavonoids in chocolate absorb ultraviolet light, which can really help protect the skin from aging and increase its blood flow to it.

In the long run, this results in significant rejuvenation and improvement of your skin .4. It is a reliable source of energyChocolate contains caffeine and theobromine, which increase the level of your energy. The darker the chocolate, the more energy you get. And, unlike any energy drinks, chocolate does not lead to a catastrophic drop in energy in a few hours.

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chocolate5. The use of chocolate was previously condemned by the Catholic ChurchIn the action of chocolate, witchcraft and seduction were seen, and his lovers were all considered to be blasphemers and heretics . Probably there is something in this, is not it?6. You can even smell chocolateHere in this study it was proved that even a simple smell of chocolate increases theta brain waves that cause relaxation.

Comparing the effect of the smells of different foods, scientists came to the conclusion that only chocolate fluids have a pronounced relaxation effect.7. Chocolate makes us smarterA 2006 study showed that eating foods that have a high cocoa content within five days can increase blood flow to the brain, thereby improving its performance. Therefore, it is not surprising that people who have chocolate in their diet are much better able to understand and stay clear for longer.

8. Chocolate does not harm your teethIn 2000, Japanese scientists established that chocolate is less harmful to the health of your teeth than many other sweet foods. This is because the antibacterial properties of cocoa beans compensate for a relatively high level of sugar.9.

In the Mayan civilization, cocoa beans were a currencyThe value of the goods at that time was expressed in the amount of cocoa beans that could be obtained for them. The slave cost 100 beans, the services of a prostitute were estimated at 10 beans, and 20 beans were asked for a turkey. There were also counterfeiters who made fake beans from painted clay.10. Chocolate is stored forever (in the right conditions)The chocolate bar, found in the parking lot of the legendary Admiral Richard Byrd near the South Pole, is very well preserved. Despite the past 60 years, it is quite usable.

11. Chocolate gives us the vision of superheroesAccording to a study published in the journal Physiology ; Behavior , a large piece of dark chocolate can help us better distinguish between low contrast objects. These are, for example, cars in bad weather or pedestrians wearing dark clothes in the evening.chocolate12. Reducing the risk of diabetesFlavonoids, contained in cocoa, have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory properties that can reduce the risk of developing diabetes by increasing the sensitivity to insulin.13. Chocolate helps to lose weightScientists from the University of Copenhagen found that eating dark chocolate causes a feeling of satiety and helps reduce the consumption of other sweet, salty and fatty foods. Thus, thanks to chocolate it is much easier to stick to a healthy diet and lose extra pounds!14.

Increased libidoAccording to Italian researchers, women who regularly eat chocolate have a much more intense sex life. They have a higher level of attraction, excitement and satisfaction from sex.What a great news, is not it? There is, however, one important detail that must be taken into account. The fact is that not all chocolate is equally useful. In dark chocolate contains twice as much antioxidants than in milk. In addition, dark chocolate gives us less calories than milk chocolate, which has a high content of saturated fats and calories simply because it contains milk.If you want to really benefit from chocolate, then always choose dark chocolate containing at least 70% cocoa.


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