1. The target individual customers could be university,

1. Increase Marketing toward Individual Customer: Strengthen and improve the marketing to gain awareness from the people in their twenties.

The target individual customers could be university, college students and young professionals or people from outside the Kitchener-Waterloo area. To revitalize the young age customer base, the organization wants to use newspaper and radio advertisement to make the broader community aware that there were still tickets, they were not always sold out. The price of radio advertisement was $70,000.2. Increase Marketing toward Social Media: Strengthen and improve the marketing in social media aspects, such as website, online shop, Facebook page, Twitter feed and Instagram. This option is to make an impact to a newer group of fans (new followers), and constantly update the current hockey standings to attract more customers attending the games.

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Long-term Options 1. Changing the arena: The Kitchener Rangers is thinking about a new facility with 8,000 or more seats for generating more seating, customer base and customer variety, because it was an older facility and it is expensive to repair its infrastructure and it has less seats compared by that. Bienkowski thinks the organization can still operate at the existing facility to decrease the financial burden. 2. Status Quo: Run the business under the current situation of not having a diverse group of consumers, pay the high proportion of rent and provide free service.

3. Spread out the 2 tickets distribution: Spreading out the 2 tickets distribution to give customers the access buying tickets without them having to be put on the waiting lists for season tickets. StrategyThe organization’s current strategy is to make the Kitchener Rangers a stronger club by giving fans more exciting experience during the Hockey match. The Kitchener Rangers also provides free service (Ranger Express) for individuals attending the game, the bus will transport the fans from restaurants to The Aud. The Kitchener Rangers also had strong leadership and passionate community support and fierce demand for tickets.

The Kitchener Rangers uses their achievements to regenerate more customer base, such as winning the Memorial Cup tournament twice. The limited season tickets could also increase customers’ expectations to the Hockey match.Evaluation of Short-term Options and how they will accomplish objective set1. Increase Marketing toward Individual Customers • The Kitchener Rangers would generate the young customer base to decrease the ageing individual problem. • The Kitchener Rangers would be a topic for this crowd.

.Application of Decision CriteriaThe Kitchener Rangers uses newspaper and radio advertisements to generate the young customer base would be a good idea to get more people to the Kitchener Rangers. 2. Increase Marketing toward social media • Everyone is using the Internet.• It is easy to get thousands of followers on the Internet.• The marketing cost could be 0.

Application of Decision CriteriaEveryone is using Internet and it could be the best channel to get any information in the world. Evaluation of long-term Options 1. Changing the Arena • There would be more seats available for the new arena, which allows more people attending the games.• A new facility would extend the longevity of the long-term expectations.• It diversifies the group of consumers.Application of Decision Criteria


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