1. warrior and leader of men in combat

1. About the Author. The book is written by Gen Stanley McChrystal, a retired United States Army General, best recognised for his command of Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) in the mid-2000s.

He has written two other books on leadership, ‘Leaders: myth and reality’ and ‘My share of the task’ His last assignment was as Commander, International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) and Commander, U.S. Forces – Afghanistan.

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He has been credited with the death of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, leader of Al-Qaeda in Iraq. The Author was known to be bold and recognised for saying what other military leaders were afraid to. This was one of the reasons cited for his appointment to lead all forces in Afghanistan. Former US Defense Secretary Robert Gates described the author as “Perhaps the finest warrior and leader of men in combat I ever met”. The author’s wealth of experience from his military career and his research, from sources as diverse as hospital emergency rooms to NASA’s space program, suitably qualifies him to cover the subject in detail.4.

About the Book. Team of Teams gives a perception of the contemporary application of leadership and management essential to plan and prosper in this intricate world. The book is not a study of past military events, but alternatively, a brief and exceptional compendium of intuitive thoughts put forward through delightful narratives varying from locations like industries to hospital emergency rooms. A light read which is recommended for leaders from all categories of organisations who have the pressing requirement to shatter the result of siloed teams. To overcome these limitations that leave decision making unproductive in the modern domain. 5.

The discussions in the book are simple in organisational management theory and leadership methods. The book does not discuss the latest way or a secret to becoming a great leader. In fact, it focuses on becoming a superior leader that can evolve and maintain a complete staff of exceptional leaders.

An alternate title may have been ‘Empowered execution through trust and purpose’.


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