1. oven, Television, and Wireless Router. The devices

1.      What are devices in your home that appear to use computers oralgorithms? Can you name at least one device for every room in your house?Describe one algorithm each device performs.

 There are the devices in my home whichuses algorithms to work which are Microwave oven, Television, and WirelessRouter.The devices listed below are the examplesby room in my home.1.     MicrowaveOven – Kitchen2.

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     Television- Hall3.     WirelessRouter – BedroomAlgorithms performs by devices aredescribed below.Microwave Oven – Cookthe food Algorithm1.     Plugin the microwave2.     Push the button or Pull the door to Open microwave door3.     Place the item in container 4.     Close the door and set the clock to cook the food5.     Check contents periodically and to ensure even cooking.

6.     Remove food carefully Television – Turningon/off the Sony logo illumination Algorithm1.     Pressthe HOME button, at that point select at the base of the screen utilizing theUP/DOWN buttons. 2.     SelectPREFERENCES utilizing the UP/DOWN buttons, at that point press the SELECT button.3.     SelectFRONT PANEL ILLUMINATION utilizing the UP/DOWN buttons, at that point press theSELECT button. 4.

     SelectLOGO ILLUMINATION utilizing the UP/DOWN buttons, at that point press the SELECTbutton. 5.     SelectON/OFF spending/down the catches, at that point press the select catch. At thepoint when set to ON, the Sony logo is lit when the TV is turned on.Wireless Router – Configuring the Router Algorithm1.   Find the IP address of the switch. 2.

   Open a web program on the PC, enter the IPaddress of the switch into the address bar and press Enter. 3.   Enter your username and secret word to get tothe arrangement page. 4.   Open the Wireless Setting and go to theInternet segment. 5.   Enter a name for your remote system. In theWireless segment, you should see a field named SSID or Name.

6.   Choose a security technique. Look over therundown of accessible security choices and make a passphrase. 7.   Save your settings and close the program.

Switch is prepared for utilize.  


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