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1. Contrary to popular belief, not all bears fall into winter in hibernation. Polar bears, for example, are not affected by this phenomenon – only pregnant polar bear go to hibernation.2. Bears, relatively young – they are about 5 million years.

3. The nearest relatives of bears from the biological point of view are dogs, wolves and fox.4. The only species of bears that is a marine mammal is a polar bear.5. Bears babies are born without fur.6. Bears really like to ravage bee hives to feast on honey.

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7. The black Asian bear has the biggest ears.8. The largest of the bears – polar bear, their weight can reach half a ton. 9. In Arctic the population of polar bears is from 21,000 to 25,000.

10. All bears have two layers of wool – one protects against water, the other helps keep heat.11.

The smallest species of bear-sun bear.12. Polar bears are able to walk on their hind legs.13.

A newborn bear cub weighs about 500 grams. 14. Most forest bears are good at climbing trees.15. Brown bear is the most common in the world.

16. Pandas most commonly give birth to twins.17. Polar bears can distinguish colors.

18. Polar bears have about 10 thousand hairs on one square inch of the body.19. Approximately 98% of all grizzly bears live in Alaska.

20. Polar bear’s liver has a large content of vitamin A. And if a person eats it, he can die.21. The bear cubs are born blind.22. Bears are one of the most endangered species on earth.

23. Polar bears can eat an amount of meat in excess of 10 percent of their body weight per hour.24. Polar bear can store approximately 68 kilograms of meat in the stomach.25. During the hibernation, which can last up to six months, the bear loses up to half the body weight.26. There are eight species of bears on the earth.

27. The male bear is more than as twice as large as females.28. Bears are very inquisitive, always try to explore new and unusual objects, have very good memory,29. During the hunt polar bears cover their noses with their paws, as this is the only black dot on their body visible to the eye, and it can give them out against the background of white snow.30.

Standing bear never attacks.31. When hunting for seals, polar bears can jump out of the water at 2.4 meters height.

32. Polar bears can smell the food from distance of 30 kilometers and even under a three-meter layer of ice.33. Even in ancient times, bears were depicted on coins. Approximately this happened in 150 BC34. Bears are not found on three continents of the Earth- Africa, Australia and Antarctica.35. In USA it is forbidden to wake bear to take photograph.

36. With one paw a grizzly bear can kill a person to death.37. All kinds of bears, except for polar bears, are omnivores. Polar bears eat exclusively meat.38.

Panda has 6 fingers.39. Polar bears have black skin.40. Bear milk is 4 times more energy-efficient than cow’s milk.41. An adult panda can eat up to 20 kilograms of bamboo in one sitting.

42. Bears are very intelligent animals. There are cases when they rolled huge boulders into traps for the safe extraction of bait.43.

A polar bear can make a hundred-kilometer swim without a break. 44. The longest claws are of sun bear – it has a length of up to 10 centimeters.45. Wild bears lives for about 30 years.46. Sun bears have the longest tongue, which can reach 10 inches in length.

47. Koala bears are not bears. They are marsupials.48.

Normally the pulse of the bear is 40 beats per minute but in hibernation this number is reduced to 15-20 beats per minute.49. During hibernation bears do not eat or defecate.50. Bear gallbladder is used by residents of some Asian countries for medicinal purposes.

51. North America is considered as “bear continent”.52. The most expensivfe gallbladder of black bears-it was sold in South Korea at auction for 64 thousand dollars.53. For 3 years, bear’s cubs live with their mother.54.

Bear can run at the speed of 40km/h.55. Researchers have proved that bears are similar to monkeys with intellectual abilities.56.

The age of the bear is determined by the rings on the cut of its molar tooth.57. The level of metabolism at the time of hibernation in bear drops to 25%.

58. As a food, bears can eat practically everything: from berries to rubber boots and motor oil.59. Bears reach puberty at the age of 3-4 years.60. After killing the seal, the bear first eats its skin.61.

Male bears don’t help female bears to raise the cubs. 62. The largest bear that ever lived on earth is a giant Short-faced bear, extinct 12,000 years ago.

63. The first animated film about the bear was filmed in 1909.64.

In China, the panda is declared a national treasure.65. Since the 17th century, the polar bear is the emblem of Greenland.66. Bears are the only predators that regularly eat both meat and plants.

For this reason, they have different teeth, especially for meat and plant foods.67. Polar bears are the largest land predators.68. The female bear give birth in 2-3 years.69.

Black bears have colors from black, red-brown to light and even white.70. The heaviest polar bear ever recorded has reportedly weighed an incredible 1002 kilograms.


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