Only the professionals like community

1. Conceal and Permission-Only the professionals like community services require the knowledge of the assessments so it needs to be concealed.

Before the assessment begins, guardians must give permission.2. Desire and emotion- If the child is unwilling or unhappy to continue the assessment then it should stop. The feelings and any difficulty at home should be regarded.3. Distinct necessity and Disorder- There should be no comparison between a child with a disorder and another child. The assessment should be carried out with their own rate of development. Any distinct necessity or special need should also be taken into account.

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4. Cultural, ethnic and linguistic background- Children may have various concepts about what is reasonable and how to act under different circumstances as they come from dissimilar backgrounds.5. Authenticity of Information- To gain a precise scenario of development, the information gathered must be authentic.6.

Ignoring bias- During the assessment, it is necessary to be impartial.


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