1.2 There are many different types of schools in the education sector, state schools as well as independent schools. Schools in England are funded and managed in different ways and will differ depending on the age of the child.
There are four main types of state schools which are funded by the local authority. They are also known as maintained schools. They will all follow the national curriculum and will be suspected by the Ofsted.
Community schools: Local education authority runs the community schools. The school staff in community schools are employed by the local authority. They own the land and the building as well, though the school’s governing body is responsible for the running of the school. The LEA also sets the entrance criteria like the catchment area and determines the admission policy if the applicants are more than the places of the school. They also provide support services to the schools and also help develop links with the local community as well as develop the use of school’s facilities by providing adult education and childcare classes delivered by local groups.
Foundation and Trust Schools: