1.1 Indonesia is the weakness of educators in

1.1             Background            Quality education is needed tosupport the creation of intelligent human beings and able to compete in thefuture. Education that is able to support future development is education thatis able to enlarge the potential of learners, so that learners are able tosolve the problems of life to be faced.Currently,the quality of education in Indonesia is very alarming.

Based on the UnitedNations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) survey, onthe quality of education in developing countries in Asia Pacific, Indonesia areranked 10th out of 14 countries. As for the quality of teachers, are at level14 of 14 developing countries.Oneof the factors causing the low quality of education in Indonesia is theweakness of educators in exploring the potential of children.

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Educators oftenforce their will without ever noticing the interests and talents of theirstudents. Education should pay attention to the needs of children instead ofimposing something that makes children less comfortable in studying. Theprocess of good education is to provide opportunities for children to becreative.

It must be done because basically the child’s thinking style cannotbe directed.Otherthan that. The centralized curriculum makes the education portrait in Indonesiaworse. The curriculum is based solely on government knowledge without regard tothe needs of the community. Worse yet, education in Indonesia is unable toproduce creative and innovative graduates. This can be seen from graduates whoare only smart in looking for work, and not smart in creating jobs.

In fact,the available jobs are very limited.Therefore,it is necessary solutions that can improve the quality of education. In dealingwith these problems the government and the community must be able to worktogether. Government policy on education based on Pancasila values ??is neededso that there is a balance between Pancasila and community needs. 1.2             ProblemFormulation1.            What is the meaning of qualityeducation?2.

            What are the standards of qualityeducation?3.            What are the problems of education inIndonesia?4.            How can solutions be provided fromeducational problems in Indonesia?5.

            What is the view of Pancasila andCitizenship Education on quality education? 1.3             PurposeThepurpose of this paper is to increase knowledge and information about educationproblems in Indonesia in general and according to the perspective of Pancasilaand Civic Education. In addition, this paper is made in order to fulfill thefinal task of the TPB (Suitanable Development Goals) subject. 


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