1.0 and Risks 3.0 SCOPE 3.1 Data


Our customer is opening a new indoor sky diving wind tunnel
and requires an integrated POS and booking system that we are developing to
provide quick and easy transactions and bookings which will help to maximise
the total number of bookings completed in a day.

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The new system will do the following:

Enter customer information against a booking

Book activities/products, with or without
extras, against a date and time through the POS

Process the purchase and redemption of cash,
activity and gift vouchers

Apply discounts and promotions to sales

Process refunds and exchanges

Provide the authorised users with menus.
Directions and error messages to direct the user on various options

Monitor the stock levels of physical products

Generate various reports

Process general sale transactions



2.1 Objectives

The objective is to test all functionality in the till based
on the specification created prior to starting the project. in preparation for
the system go live

2.2 Tasks List

This Test Plan for the new Booking System/POS supports the
following objectives:

Define the activities required to prepare for
and conduct System, Beta and User Acceptance testing

Communicate to all responsible parties the
System Test strategy

Define deliverables and responsible parties

Communicate to all responsible parties the
various Dependencies and Risks



3.1 Data Entry

The Booking System/POS will allow the cashiers to process bookings
and general transactions through the till. The system will be menu driven and
will provide error messages to help direct the cashiers through various

3.2 Reports

The POS system will allow the cashiers to run various
reports. These reports include but are not limited to:

X report (a snapshot of a cumulative total for all sales/returns
processed up until that point)

Y Report (End of shift)

Z Report (End of day)

Till Reconciliation

Till Product Sales

3.3 File Transfer

Once the customer information has been entered into the POS system,
a customer record in the CRM system will automatically be created. Allowing it to
interact with the rest of the system.

3.4. Security

Each cashier will need a user pin to access the POS system.  



The test strategy consists of a series of different tests
that will fully exercise the POS and booking system. The primary purpose of
these tests is to uncover the systems limitations and measure its full
capabilities. A list of the various planned tests and a brief explanation
follows below.

3.1. System

The System tests will focus on the behaviour of the POS and
booking system. Testing scenarios will be processed against the system as well
as screen mapping and error message testing. Overall the tests will verify that
it meets the requirements defined in the specification

Performance Test

Performance test will be conducted to ensure that the Booking
System/POS’ response times meet the user expectations and does not exceed the
specified performance criteria.

3.3. Security

Security tests will determine how secure the new POS and
booking system is. The tests will verify that unauthorised user access to
confidential data is prevented.

3.4. Recovery

Recovery tests will force the system to fail in multiple
ways and ensure the recovery is properly performed. It is vitally important
that all data is recovered after a system failure & no corruption of the
data occurred.   

Documentation Test  

Tests will be conducted to check the accuracy of the user
documentation. These tests will ensure that no features are missing, and the
contents can be easily understood.

3.6. Beta

The cashiers will beta test the new booking system/POS and
will report any defects they find. This will subject the system to tests that
could not be performed in our test environment.

3.7. User
Acceptance Test

Once the booking system/POS is ready for implementation, the
cashiers will perform User Acceptance Testing. The purpose of these tests is to
confirm that the system is developed according to the specified user
requirements and is ready for operational use.


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