1.0 its popular Pancit Malabon. It bears

1.0IntroductionMalabon City is known for its popular PancitMalabon. It bears the way of life of their natives, with them as well as foreach Filipino. From age to age, Pancit Malabon would already be able to beconsidered as their legacy and has contributed a great deal in nourishmenttourism. It has likewise impacted the gastronomic culture of the generalpopulation living in Malabon City. Pancit Malabon isn’t just nourishmenteverybody can eat yet it additionally a legacy each Malaboñian can be glad for.

On 1998 one of the grandson of Nanay Remedios set up a branch in General LunaSt., Maysilo, Malabon City. They not simply offer pancit but rather they putdifferent nourishment menu in the store like silog’s, steak’s and sandwiches itwound up plainly prevalent. Thus, they chose to manufacture another branch inMac Arthur Highway, Malinta, Valenzuela City on 2010 they likewise put in themenu the pichi, the popular puto made in Malabon and the Benji’s (the wellknown bread shop in Malabon) puto pao. It’s been a long time since they set upthe Valenzuela City Branch.Today,many food businesses still using the traditional way to make customer order, aswe can see in the traditional service they still use the method of face-to-faceordering, where the customer will go to the counter and the cashier willentertain them.

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They will look at the menu and choose their order. Afterchoosing, the customer will enumerate their order to the cashier. The cashierwill write it on a paper receipt twice, one for the customer and one for themas their record. When the order is already final, the cashier will compute forthe total amount, asks for the customers payment and gives change if needed. Finally,the ordering process is done and the customer will just wait for their order tobe served. AndNanay’s Pancit Malabon is one of those food businesses that still use thetraditional method of ordering. Thisis a not efficiency method acting, inconvenient and may contain mistakes.

  For example, if the cashier doomed his orderpaper or the cashier writing is hard to understand, that may cause the kitchen greatdeal up the orders also may cause deliberation mistake. Byusing Ordering System with Barcode Scanner, it makes the service moreefficiency and can help the owner to avoid human error and enhance the businessdevelopment. In this system, the order dealing is a step by step model to makethe transaction more systematic and the system can guide the stave to avoiderrors. Beside the efficiency service, by using this system it can gave abetter-quality service to customer and it will attract more customers to get aquality of service.1.1 Objectives of theStudy            1.

1.1 GeneralObjectivesA computerizedordering system that accepts orders and compute the total order price with abarcode scanner for a convenient and faster transactions for Nanay’s PancitMalabon1.1.2Specific ObjectivesSpecifically aims:•         Tocreate a system that will able to accommodate huge amount of orders at a time.

•         Tohave an automatic computation of the total order of the customers.•         Tocreate a database for all the transactions made.•         Toprovide a printed copy of the receipt for the customers. 1.

2 Scope of theStudyThe study has conducted at Nanay’sPancit Malabon. The panciteria will use ordering system with barcode scanner.It is dormant to citizenry througheasy order and useful system. It helps the employee and client to fiat immediately.The system will use a barcode scanner to automatic scanning of the price of thefood.

It views a notification that the order has been received based on therequirement of the system. The system will have the database that stores allthe order info of the client. The proposed system is a softwaresolution for users to easily add and take orders.

When the new orders come in,some general information about the new order will be inputted such as item fromthe menu, the price of each item, fourth dimension and date. Ordering system will be a goodsolution for faster communication between the employee and the customer.   1.3 Significance ofthe Study            The generalization of this project would be a greatcontribution to the vast development in relation to the company’s enhancement. Thefollowing are the benefits of the study: Business.This will help thebusiness to improve their system and it will lead to greater customer gratification.It helps the business to improve their sales because they will not be going to manuallycompute the business profit.

It also shuffle the ordering process fullyautomated with less manpower. Employee.This will help thestaff to lessen the pressure because of the customers lining up andcomplaining. The cashier will no longer have to use calculator or manuallycompile the amount because the system will automatically compute it.

They havea higher probability of receiving the correct order in a timely manner. Nothingwill erode your customers’ trust more than making errors on their order.  Customers.No morecomplaining because of the long line to the counter. They will be satisfied bythe faster transaction of the ordering system. The computation of their orderis more accurate and not prone to wrong computation. FutureResearcher.

Theresearch will help and benefit the future researcher to have a basis in thefuture research they going to make.      


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