for only the internal stakeholders

• RUPP-Tracer Study Report 2010 (for only the internal stakeholders) was done by the Quality Assurance Unit to inform program managers and/or heads of departments regarding the demands of the graduates and update management on employment conditions in Cambodian labor markets. Its findings would be used to expand the existing programs at the University or introduce new programs related to changing market demands. (Vong, 2010) • The RUPP-Tracer Study Report 2012 was made available for the public and it was done by the Quality Assurance Unit to verify the quality of higher education in this public University. The findings of the study helps the University identify its learning outcomes, and the relationships between education and the labor market needs.

To assure the effectiveness of the University programs, the study was conducted with two different units so that comparative information would be available. (Vong, 2012)

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