• To use the card, it is necessary

• MoreSecure This is more secure than previous methods associated with payment cards.• AdaptableSmart card readers can be plugged into machines using a USB supported system, which can operate seamlessly with sales and inventory software. • Multiservice and flexibilityThe versatility of usage is one of the smart card’s main advantages..

• SecuritySmart card technology provides better security than another type of data storage devices. To use the card, it is necessary to know the appropriate code for activating the PIN (Personal Identification Number).The data on a smart card cannot be erased, and never it leaves the safe environment. Data stored on the smart card can only be accessed through the smart card operating system.• Easy to UseIt’s more simple to go to an ATM, enter your password and choose your transaction, instead of doing the same task in the bank.

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private key, then return the “signed word” to the outside world, where the verification is done by the private key.SafetySmart cards are a safe options for everyday transactions, as you can use them only on devices featuring advanced security standards (such as ATMs and public transport equipment), Other general benefits of smart cards are:• Portability• Increasing data storage capacity• Flexibility• Security• Increasing data storage capacity• Reliability• Less paper work


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