· bias to keep the peace and

Dissolving which was
established as Liyu Police and establishing a new police force from the public.
Demarcating the border between these two regions as per the 2004 referendum and
form a committee from both regions to make additional referendum to set a clear
demarcation between these two brother regions and solve the problem from its

Organize federal police
that comprise these two groups of people who are free from bias to keep the
peace and security of the border between these two regions. And also, bring
before a court of law those who took part in this huge disaster, including the
federal government officials and leaders of the regions and disclose to the

To resettle the people
who displaced from their homes and properties, the government has to do
immediately to re-establish them and indemnify those who lost their lives in
the process as per the law.

The federal government
has to admit and ask for an apology to the victims of the action the Oromo
people, the Somali people, the people of the country and the people of the
world too for this terrifying action.

To stop this border
conflict not to happen again and to solve conflicts that is still taking place
around the border a new strategy that cope up with the federal system must be
studied and brought forward by scholars.

To encourage the
regions to keep their own peace and security themselves; the federal government
must stop bias among regions that give enough support to one and leave the
other. All the regions must be treated equally, benefited and obligated
equally. The federal police and the military must stand for the country, not in
support of certain group.

Working to stop contrabandists  and corruptors those rob people from its
source and take actions on those under its control as per the law. Make the
people to use their products without wastage and keep against some groups who
were benefited from it. Arrange a way for farmers to export their products
directly to foreign countries through their union to stop the supremacy of some

The federal government
should stop to intervene unconstitutionally, the powers granted to regional
governments by the constitution and the regional governments should fully
exercise their powers as per the constitution. The regional governments should
assign knowledgeable intellectuals who are nearer to their people to solve the
conflicts created between the two regions from its base.

To call for or permit
an independent international humanitarian organization that works on human
rights protection to investigate the problems which were created in 2017 and
earlier in depth and disclose its reports to the public; international human
rights organizations should work on this in order to protect other countries
specially federal system governing countries from same conflicts in the future
getting a lesson from Ethiopia.  

It is decisive to
organize wide ranges of discussions with opposition political parties, highly
intellectuals and scholars to agree on the fate of this country in the future.
The ruling party should stop thinking that it’s the only party to lead the
country and widely open its gate to other parties to play their roles,
especially the government should understand the roles of the Oromo people in
this country and if the government is not trying to solve their problems on
doubt that there is no peace in the country. Thus, the government has to answer
the questions to Oromo people giving priority to solve the problem of Ethiopian


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