· not more than 20 minutes per

Provide a good database to the BDM’s in order
for them to reach out more network.

Prepare reports using excel and spreadsheets on
the work done by each BDM in the offshore team and also provide a complete
pictographical representation of the Placements done by BDM’s and their
individual performance.

Coordinate the training sessions of the
consultants and see to it that they have a complete knowledge on the technology
in which they are being trained.

Increase the number of submissions being made by
the BDM’s to be at least 10 good submissions in a week when breakdown comes to
2 per day by each BDM.

To calculate the performance of the BDM’s in the
number of interviews being brought for the consultants. This clearly indicates
the performance of individual BDM. There should be at least 4 interviews for
each consultant in a month.

Conduct daily review meetings which will last
not more than 20 minutes per day with the whole team to understand where we
stand in terms of the submissions/placements.

See to it that everyone in the offshore team
achieve their individual targets respectfully.

Update the top management by providing them
reports  on daily basis  and also come up with new ideas to generate
more revenue for the company.

See to it that there are less number of breaks
being taken by individuals and increase productivity.

Will maintain the discipline on the floor.

Attire and attitude both go hand in hand so will
ask all the employees to be dressed up in business casuals so that there should
be a difference between an IT company and a college.

Below are the templates of the reports I would
share with top management on a day to day basis.


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