· only the Tyler model can neglect

·      The screenshot above shows a comprehensive scheme of work documentthat can support students in planning, revising or catching up on learning. Ialso have a folder which contains presentations used in sessions. Future planswill ensure that some key lessons are recorded and an audio-visual presentationof them will be made available to increase students’ access to knowledge. Thisactivity is supported by John Whally, et al who recognised that onlineresources allow learning to happen beyond a classroom environment, therebygiving support to inclusion.

·      I think that planning a curriculum for the majority learners usingthe methods outlined by Tyler works well with the BTEC qualification.Nevertheless, following only the Tyler model can neglect the needs of anincreasing minority such as those in Maryam`s situation (Appendix 1).  Maryam needed to obtain a qualification butto achieve this she required interventions to make the learning environmentmatch her specific requirements. ·      Developing a hidden curriculum provided opportunities to addressMaryam`s requirements. In Tyler’s model it would neither have been a part of thecurriculum nor her technical education that she should need to become aself-directed learner but without this she could not have succeeded.  The hidden curriculum based upon individualhuman needs contained procedures, rules, relationships and structures whichvisibly overcame Maryam’s barriers.

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The curriculum sets out what the majorityof learners need to do to win their qualifications, learners with additionalneeds demand that some extra features be built into the curriculum or exist aspart of a hidden curriculum.  The problembeing that if the curriculum was made so inclusive that it provided everythingthat Maryam needed it could be to the disadvantage of less mature learners whowould use it to avoid college, escape from learning and fail their courses.   I feel both models have equal merit. To getthe best output a well-planned curriculum will be one that includes all models.As I develop the curriculum more I will look at making sure that my existingpractise adopts that thought but I have to be careful not to break thebureaucratic rules of the college or my job will be at risk. Conclusions·      Maryam, perhaps, because she is a fairly exceptional case has madethe author reflect and then think about how a curriculum can be opened up anddesigned to overcome specific educational barriers.

With the core values of thecollege in mind (Retention, Success, Equality & Diversity), the authorfeels a need to study and reflect more on his role and the important mattersMaryam`s case have raised. Along with the changes that he has already made tothe curriculum in order to widen participation the author will attempt toinvestigate economic and political impacts upon the FE sector and learners.Special thought will be placed upon age and gender inequality and research ofthis topic will bond well with the next assignment.


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