· others, getting more out of every workplace

·        Create A Workplace That FostersTrustThe modern workplace must allow schedulingflexibility and must allow employees to, within reason, follow their owninstincts when it comes to solving problems. 88 percent of Millennials report astrong motivation to see the companies they work for succeed.one key area for improving perception of valueand how their work contributes to their company’s success is through clear,consistent communication and fostering transparency in how the work that theydo aligns to the company’s mission and purpose.·        Become Involved in The CommunityIf we’re living insideour own heads and never venturing out into the world, we stagnate, and ouremotional intelligence collectively suffers.

Develop people so they can listencarefully to input and recognize the emotions that direct the behaviour ofothers, getting more out of every workplace interaction and relationship.Leaders can also boost emotional intelligence on their teams by mentoringup-and-coming professionals on diplomacy and how to manage sticky situations. A healthy sense of self-awareness gives you more controlover your interactions, because it requires self-assessment inrelation to others. In practice, you might observe how people respond throughrepeated communications. By nurturing your motivation levels, you fuel yourambition, but maintain awareness of how your drive impacts those you’re workingwith – wherever they’re based.

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For example, proactively networkingwith senior colleagues is a great way to foster future relationships, but beingsensitive to their time, and understanding how frequent and concise yourcommunicationsshould be, is important. Showing empathy as another great aspect of EIalso holds true for the time to come. In practice, it can be as simple asasking someone how they are, or using the same phrases in your communicationsas they use in theirs, to show you’re listening.EI as a tool for conflict management is another way of utilizing it. With thefostering digitalization, the generation gap is clearly visible at theworkplace which can lead to conflict in the problem solving or decision-makingapproach. Once an individual is trained to understand EI of others, by readingbody language and interpreting tone of voice, we make lasting connections. So,with the growing digitisation of our interactions, it’s in our interests tocontinue to utilise and enhance these skills.


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