· This line of argument leads us away

·      This line of argument leads us away from a ‘onebest culture’ viewpoint. Rob Goffee and Gareth Jones (2003) take thiscontingency approach to culture, which holds that ‘it all depends’. Theseauthors state that the most suitable culture for any organization is one thatis ‘environmentally appropriate’ for it.

This means that its culture shouldmeet the environment challenges in which that particular company operates.Performance is likely to be better for companies possessing cultures that areboth strong and able to adjust sufficiently well to their environments. Thus, arm which operates in a volatile, competitive environment will need a strongculture that not only adapts quickly but even perhaps anticipates environmentalchanges. In contrast, if a company has a predictable and relatively staticenvironment, it will need a strong but less adaptable culture.

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A study by JoseGarmendia (2004) into companies in the health insurance industry con rmed thata strong culture had a positive impact on organizational performance (results),but only if that culture was adapted to the rm’s environment and interactedproactively with it.


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