· contact. This makes one feel more confident.

·      Ask the audience questions, distribute handouts, use props, electing a volunteer and also adding humor if the topic demands for it. Create a connection between ideas for the audience.

·      Body Language: Convey positive feelings, shoulders square with the audience, try standing tall, smiling and maintaining eye contact. This makes one feel more confident.

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·      Project Your Voice: There should be clarity while speaking, right balance of voice modulation. The speaker should be audible and breathe by taking pauses. There should be vibrancy and enthusiasm seen in the speaker.

Other important points for great speaking include:

·      The timing of the speech/ presentation should be impeccable

·      Asking proactive questions capture the attention of the audience

·      Telling stories of individuals would grip the audience to the content you are delivering

·      Getting to the end when people are wide open (attentive) should be dynamic.

·      Using metaphors, avoid using filler words.

·      Always remember to do something one is comfortable with.

·      Structuring the content into different sections

·      Watch for feedback, adjusting the message and adapt to the environment.


Using Presentation Tools

Presentation tools help create presentations, present in front of the audience in a professional manner and also engage with the audience within a timescale. The tools which I find most important are:

PREZI: Prezi is one of the most popular presentation tools. It allows us to create new kinds of visualizations and link the images to motion which makes the understanding of the presentations more efficient and increase the retention duration.

·      Breaks the stereotype: Prezi is not a mainstream slide-based presentation. Its starting with a blank canvas with addition and placing content on the page. It could be made very creative and in unique ways to present information. It also lets you convert PowerPoint presentations into Prezi.

·      It has zooming in and out capabilities, spinning the whole screen at our convenience

·      Presentations are more visually appealing.

·      It has nonlinear presenting. This results in more engagement and information retention.

·      Prezi is also free and can be accessed from any web-enabled computer.

·      Prezi is best used for story-telling, explanations of concepts, when the content is specific related to visual thinking.


POWER POINT:  It is one of the most traditional and popular tool used for making presentations.

·      It is very useful and accessible to create and present visualizations.

·      It is easy and quick. Users can easily create basic visualizations in the most colorful and attractive manner.

·      Easy to modify and amend changes in the presentations. It allows us to use images, audio and video to have an immense visual impact.

·      The feature of bullet points reminds the speaker of the main central ideas while they are speaking.

·      Robust design options and multimedia capability.

·      Slides are customizable to fit individual needs. It could be text intensive or image intensive or a collaboration of both

·      PowerPoint presentations are best used for giving lecture to a group of people within a company or students in a university and want them to take down notes.

·      It could also be used for conversational and interactive sessions especially if the slides have more images or charts.


KEY NOTE: It is a Mac Application. It is a substitute for Microsoft Power Point.

·      It is very easy to use Keynote

·      Equipped with templates and built in layouts and themes.

·      The handling of Animations is done very well by key note

·      The quality and the design of templates is elegant, professional and sleek in style.

·      Keynote presentations can be also being saved as a YouTube video or QuickTime slideshow. It integrates well the iWork software.











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