Penis Skin Care Tips for Today’s Man

Good penis care can be the difference between having good and great days and nights. This includes skin care, which is perhaps the most important thing here. After all, when the clothes are off and your manhood is out in the open, the state of its skin is going to make the first impression here.

Most men know how proper washing and hygiene are the keys to having a healthy and supple skin. But, not everybody knows what they need to do during a shower to ensure you get the maximum benefit while causing the least damage. Here are a few tips:

Lather up

There are so many commercials about cleansers and soaps out there which lead us to believe that lathering can result in the sparkly clean skin. But when it comes to the penis, less is more. Using soap on it consistently can lead to peeling, scaly penis skin which is not desirable for sure.

Going long

Sometimes, there is nothing which is anywhere near as good as taking a long shower. Having a 20-minute shower occasionally is fine. But, taking such a long shower constantly can do more harm than good. After a point, all the dirt is gone and your skin will start peeling off.

Roughing it out

Good care doesn’t just stop when the water stops flowing. The drying process is just as important. For example, if you use a coarse, rough towel, you will cause damage to your skin over time. Apart from this, it is way better for you to pat the skin dry instead of rubbing it.


Showering is pointless if you don’t moisturize your skin properly. This will help trap all the necessary oils and moisture inside your skin. If you’re looking for perfect skin, this is something you absolutely cannot ignore.

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