Health Benefits of Cinnamon

Cinnamon is supposed to be one of the oldest spices in the world. It has a pleasant smell and tastes quite nice too. It is used in all sorts of desserts, pies, fruit salads, etc. There are a lot of people who like to sprinkle some cinnamon on their coffee. It can be added to other drinks like tea as well.

But, why does everyone like it? Here are a few reasons which should be able to answer this question:

  • It helps keep your blood sugar levels in check. There are a lot of studies which have proven that cinnamon has a good effect on your blood sugar. It’s a popular natural remedy for type 2 diabetes too.
  • It helps in treating fungal infections. The oil of cinnamon can be quite effective when it comes to treating infections that are caused by Candida like Candida Albicans and Candida Tropicalis.
  • It can relieve any symptoms which are caused by poisoning. This is because it has a very strong antibacterial effect and can treat most stomach problems which are caused by E. coli and salmonella.
  • It can help treat symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome. It helps with flatulence quite a bit. It helps with digestion.
  • Cinnamon can prove to be quite effective when it comes to treating arthritis and osteoporosis. It contains a lot of manganese which can help in building your bones, connective tissue, and blood.
  • It is a very powerful antioxidant. It can help you regenerate cells and even relieve harmful free radicals from your body.
  • If you are feeling pain in your muscles, cinnamon can go a long way in helping you alleviate this pain. All you need to do is massage your muscles with cinnamon oil.

There are many other benefits of cinnamon. So, why don’t you include it in your daily routine as much as you can right away?

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